Wixon Introduces ‘The New Salt’

New salt substitute mimics salt taste with half the sodium
Wixon, Inc., has developed a new salt substitute, KCLean Salt, different from any salt substitute on the market, according to the company. Like any good substitute, KCLean Salt cuts the sodium content of regular table salt in half, but what makes KCLean Salt stand out from other substitutes, the company states, is it matches regular table salt’s taste and retains its texture, functionality and mouthfeel.
KCLean Salt is a unique combination of potassium chloride and sodium chloride, and its natural, proprietary, flavor blend from Wixon’s line of  Mag-nfique Flavor Technologies is the key to the substitute. The special blend eliminates the typical bitter metallic flavor or aftertaste usually associated with potassium chloride and gives KCLean Salt its distinctive table-salt flavor.
With health experts beginning to suggest less sodium in the diets of Americans, food manufacturers of all types, including meat and poultry processors, can use KCLean Salt to cut sodium while retaining the flavor profile they’ve set out to achieve in their products. KCLean Salt does not break down or alter its flavor in cooking, freezing or shelf-life applications. The product is available in various commercial and industrial package sizes, and more information can be obtained by calling Wixon at 1-800-841-5304 or visiting www.wixon.com.