SONIC Drive-In introduces the new Fiery Ultimate Chicken Sandwich and Fiery Cheeseburger to heatseekers everywhere, adding to its menu of bold flavors. Both feature the daring new Fiery Sauce, adding an irresistibly spicy dimension to SONIC’s famous menu lineup. 

SONIC’s Fiery Ultimate Chicken Sandwich boasts a premium thick-cut, all-white chicken fillet with a crispy golden outside, while the Fiery Cheeseburger starts with a 100% pure beef patty with diced onions. Both sandwich options are perfectly complemented with pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapenos, and our all-new red jalapeno spread, brought together between a warm Brioche buns. The one-of-a-kind red jalapeno spread is the secret to SONIC’s spicy savvy. It packs enough satisfying heat to crush cravings, while enhancing rather than overwhelming the delicious savory elements of the sandwich. 

“Our customers look to SONIC to offer bold and spicy flavors, and the new Fiery sandwiches will not disappoint,” said Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation & development for SONIC. “The flavorfully spicy Fiery Sauce combines a fine-tuned blend of red jalapenos, peppers and spices to deliver a complex heat that really satisfies from the first bite to the last.” 

The Fiery Ultimate Chicken Sandwich and Fiery Cheeseburger are no ordinary meals. They are carefully crafted to truly be the ultimate in spicy sandwiches - superior to others you’ll find in flavor and quality from top-to-bottom. But they are only available for a limited time, so get your spicy fix before they’re gone! 

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