Safety Gloves
Wells Lamont Industry Group is introducing a new glove for the poultry industry. The DB Series features gloves in sizes from extra-small to extra-large and a 10-inch sleeve, and both are constructed from high-performance fibers and wire. It is suitable for the deboning process because of its added puncture-resistant material located on the thumb, index finger and forearm, creating an additional barrier against sharp objects without sacrificing comfort and dexterity.
Wells Lamont Industry Group, phone (800) 247-3295, or visit

Cambridge Inc. introduces DuraLite™ belting. Its design makes it suited for all spiral cage applications, with turn ratios ranging from 1.0 to 2.8, the widest array possible for any one-belt construction. The heavy-duty, wear-resistant stainless-steel belt design features a 3-inch by 1-1/3-inch interior opening, which has the highest strength-to-belt weight ratio of any belt on the market. It is two times stronger than rod-only belt designs.
Cambridge Inc., div. of Cambridge International, phone(877) 898-1095, or visit

Dorner Mfg.’s 7600 Series cleated belt end drive conveyor helps food manufacturers transfer difficult products like marinated chicken effectively and continuously. Dorner’s cleats are physically molded into the belt, allowing for increased durability and sanitation. The 7600 Series can be disassembled for cleaning without tools and is suited for ready-to-eat foods, raw meat, poultry, seafood and clean rooms.
Dorner Mfg., phone (800) 397-8664, or visit

Shipping Material
TCP Reliable has introduced urethane insulated shippers. The insulation provides outstanding thermal conductivity or “Super K” or traditional EPs. In addition to the low heat conductivity, the new formulation is rugged and lightweight, making it ideal for multiple shipments. The corrugate can easily be replaced for re-use. The TimeSaver 48PUR is pre-qualified for both summer and winter conditions using ISTA 7D standards.
TCP Reliable, phone (732) 346-9200, or visit

Designed for small to medium-sized processors and R&D labs, NuTEC’s completely hydraulic 720 forming machine is versatile enough to run beef, pork, poultry, seafood, cheese and more. Powered by a 15-hp motor, this PLC-controlled forming machine features a 300-pound hopper and a variable speed of 15 to 65 strokes per minute. Mold plates are available with single hole or multi hole, depending on the processor’s patty size.
NuTEC Mfg., phone (815) 722-2800, or visit

Linear Actuator
Kerk Motion Products offers a new linear actuator for positioning requirements in electronics, packaging, assembly equipment and other applications. It is the first actuator to incorporate Kerk’s high precision, long life, innovative design and patented technology in a value-priced rod-type linear actuator. It is lead screw driven and provides an electromechanical alternative to a pneumatic actuator, improving accuracy and motion control in packaging industry applications.
Kerk Motion Products Inc., phone (603) 465-7227, or visit

Testing Supplies
BioMérieux has launched Tempo® EB, the first automated test for Enterobacteriaceae enumeration in food products in 24 hours, including confirmation. The easy-to-use method offer significant time savings, especially when large numbers of positive samples are processed, and allows for faster reporting of results. It can be used in the microbiological analysis of food, environments and surfaces, among other applications.
BioMérieux, phone (800) 682-2666, or visit