Last chance to enter!
February 2007
To: Human Resources Professionals for Meat and Poultry Processors
It’s rewarding to receive recognition and feedback on your projects and solutions from other respected, senior-level human resources professionals.
Whether you work for a small or a mega processor, it’s encouraging to receive honors and assurances that others in your field understand and appreciate the responsibilities, problems and issues you face each day.
That’s exactly what you’ll receive when you participate in the 2007 HREVOLUTION AWARDS.
As human resources professionals in the meat or poultry industry, you encounter many tough human capital issues, and the expectations are high for you to provide the right strategic directions and solutions to address these concerns. You’ve put in many long days and worked hard to develop innovative programs. Now it’s time to share your work and results with others in the HR field through the HREVOLUTION AWARDS.
The 2007 HREVOLUTION AWARDS are presented by The National Provisioner and sponsored by Ameritas Group. This second annual event will recognize and celebrate HR departments that demonstrate originality and creativity in responding to today’s human capital challenges. And best of all, there is no cost to enter!
If your HR department has spearheaded an innovative solution, fostered greater communication with employees, developed a quality employee recruitment plan, introduced a new cost-effective benefits program that has delivered greater value, or implemented a retention or rewards approach that has netted significant results for your company, these are excellent entries for the HREVOLUTION AWARDS competition.
The National Provisioner and Ameritas Group want to recognize HR departments that employ best practices, effectively solve human capital issues, and improve the work environment for employees at all levels of their organizations. Awards categories for HR Departments will include small, medium, large and mega-sized meat and poultry processors in the United States for programs in place since January 2005.
Consider the opportunity to have a group of senior HR professionals evaluate your programs and solutions, and factor in the recognition you’ll receive for your efforts from other HR professionals and businesses in the meat and poultry industries. Winners will receive a special award presented in person at your company, recognition in The National Provisioner, and a news release sent to the media in your hometowns.
The deadline for all entries is April 27, 2007. Winners will be announced in October. To enter, visit
Good luck on your entries!
Andy Hanacek Kenneth L. VanCleave, LLIF
Executive Editor Senior Vice President
The National Provisioner Ameritas Group Dental and Eye Care
Deerfield, Illinois            Lincoln, Nebraska
The National Provisioner magazine and Ameritas Group announce the 2007 HREVOLUTION AWARDS, designed to celebrate the valuable contributions of HR professionals to the success of meat and poultry companies across the United States.
The HREVOLUTION AWARDS will recognize HR departments in the meat and poultry processing industries for innovation and outstanding performance in managing employee benefit programs that not only meet employee needs and maintain employee satisfaction, but also
•  go beyond the norm to attract quality employees
•  improve employee retention and encourage personal
    growth and well-being
•  establish the business/company as an employer of
•  embrace best practices in human resources
•  demonstrate leadership in developing and executing
    solutions to human capital concerns and issues
•  And best of all, there is no cost to enter!
Enter innovative projects and solutions in one or more of the following categories:
1. Employee communications, especially related to
    employee benefits
2. Optional benefits programs, e.g., career growth
    opportunities or continuing education
3. Employee satisfaction
4. Employee rewards (development of a formal program ­­
    to recognize employees)
5. Health and wellness programs
6. Employee recruitment and retention
7. Employee participation in employer activities, events,
    benefits or programs
8. Innovative solutions to HR challenges, addressing
    current trends/issues
HREVOLUTION AWARDS will be presented to up to two HR Departments in each size category. Meat and poultry processors with more than one HR Department should work together when submitting entries to avoid having departments compete against each other for awards. Only one award will be presented per company in each category, even if that company has multiple HR departments.
Company Size Categories:
1. Small processors: up to $100 million in sales; up to
    500 employees; 1 to 2 plants
2. Medium processors: $100 million to $400 million in
    sales; 500 to 2,000 employees; 3 to 5 plants
3. Large processors: $400 million to $900 million in
    sales; 2,000 to 8,500 employees; 6 to 9 plants
4. Mega processors: $1 billion or more in sales; 8,500 or
    more employees; 10 or more plants
•  The deadline for entries is April 27, 2007.
•  Solutions/programs entered must have been
    implemented since January 2005. Please provide
    specific details about all aspects of the problem,
    solution and implementation process. See CRITERIA
    section for information to include in the entry.
•  Entries must be submitted electronically using the
•  Only one entry per category will be accepted from a
    company, even if there are multiple HR departments
    within the company. (Processors with more than one
    HR Department should work together when
    submitting entries to avoid having departments
    compete against each other.)
•  Submission of an entry implies the support and
    approval of the entry by the head of the company’s
    HR department/office and the President/CEO.
•  Incomplete entries may be disqualified at the
   discretion of The National Provisioner and Ameritas
•  On-site personal presentation of the awards to    winners by The National Provisioner and Ameritas
    Group; recognition by senior management, associates,
    and peers
•  Special focus and feature in The National Provisioner
    September 2007 magazine
•  Affirmation that your HR Department is developing
    innovative solutions to human capital issues and
•  Feedback and recognition from other HR professionals
    and businesses in the meat and poultry industry
•  News release announcements of winners distributed in    October 2007 to HR professionals, companies in the    meat and poultry industry, and to media in winners’    hometowns
A panel of experienced senior-level HR professionals will evaluate the HREVOLUTION AWARDS entries. Judges are responsible for evaluating and identifying winning entries.
Entries will be judged according to the accomplishments of the HR team based on their resources and company size.
All award entries will be carefully evaluated to determine whether the HR department was successful in aligning the objectives identified with the results.
Note: We are seeking entries that showcase innovative solutions to human capital challenges, so it is acceptable to submit an entry that has been implemented even if the final results are not available. Please clearly communicate the anticipated outcome, as described in Criteria #7.
In your entry, please provide the following information:
1. Problem/Challenge — Identify the problem, challenge or situation addressed in the entry.
2. Objectives — Clearly define the objectives established to solve the problem or address the situation. The objectives should be measurable and the explanations clear enough to determine that they were set and achieved.
3. Strategy — Explain the plan developed to accomplish the objectives.
4. Tactics — Outline the steps taken in all stages of the development and implementation of the plan.
5. Innovation — Explain how the solution used an innovative approach to respond to the problem.
6. Budget — Identify the financial resources committed to develop and implement the solution.  An exact dollar amount is not required, but please provide a close estimate of costs.
7. Measurement of results — Clearly describe how you evaluated the results achieved by the implemented solution, including an explanation of whether the results were met or fell short of the objectives. If final results are not available, please describe the anticipated outcome.
8. Other — Include any unique circumstances that may have contributed to the success of the solution or plan.
9. Self-evaluation — Explain what you learned through the development and implementation of this solution. In retrospect, would you implement the same solution? What would you change?
Remember: HREVOLUTION AWARDS recognize HR departments in the meat and poultry food industries for innovation and outstanding performance in managing employee benefit programs that not only meet employee needs and maintain employee satisfaction, but also go beyond the norm to attract quality employees, increase employee retention and encourage personal growth and well-being, and establish the business/company as an employer of choice.
As you prepare your entry, it may be helpful to read about the 2006 winners of HREVOLUTION AWARDS at
The National Provisioner and Ameritas Group agree that information included in the entry will be kept strictly private and confidential. Winners will be interviewed and featured in a special HREVOLUTION supplement in the September 2007 issue of The National Provisioner.
•  Deadline — Submissions will be accepted through
    April 27, 2007.
•  Submit online — Entries must be submitted
    electronically using the HREVOLUTION AWARDS form  
•  Supporting materials — If you have additional  
    information or materials to include with your entry,  
    please scan the documents and send the files in an
    email clearly marked with your company name and
   entry title to: Andy Hanacek at The National
   Provisioner,, or send the
    scanned documents on a disk to: HREVOLUTION
   AWARDS, The National Provisioner, 155 Pfingsten
    Road, Suite 205, Deerfield, IL  60015.
If you have any questions, contact Jenn Larson at Ameritas Group, (402) 309-2533.
Winners will be notified by August 2007.
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