Supplier News

ASI Food Safety Consultants, Inc. is offering the food community Supplier Audit Management (SAM). This is a total audit management system. SAM will ease the burden for companies by ensuring all suppliers are audited and all corrective actions are closed. The vehicle for SAM is Data Stream Solution (DSS) which is web-based. A company will be able to access the system anywhere with an internet connection. ASI will consistently watch the progress and initiate communication between the supplier and auditing company. Moreover, ASI will single handedly take care of everything and report back to the company.
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Cooper Farms has started using the involves Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (C.A.S.) using carbon dioxide at its key slaughtering and deboning facility located in St. Henry, Ohio. Two years of combined development between Cooper Farms and Praxair (carbon dioxide provider), resulted in a fully implemented system in November 2006. Besides the improved humane conditions for turkeys, the ergonomics of turkey handling for staff was improved and drastically reduced the amount of blood in the turkey meats.
Gainco Inc. announced the introduction of new enhancements to its Blue Ribbon Service program providing national maintenance and repair for weighing and yield tracking equipment. Among the services provided by Blue Ribbon Service are 24/7/365 live help desk support, remote diagnostics support, emergency response services and an emergency parts program – all provided by highly trained company employees. Licensed, certified technicians are on-call at all times for troubleshooting support or to handle unforeseen emergencies, with Spanish-speaking technicians available.
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Micro Beef Technologies, Ltd., a privately-held, technology-based animal management solutions innovator, has announced the addition of CattleLog Animal Information Systems to its offering of integrated feed, health, information and marketing management systems. Formerly held by eMerge Interactive, Inc., CattleLog provides a suite of comprehensive tools to help individual cattle producers participate in value-added marketing opportunities, including a USDA-approved Process Verification Program and the CattleLog Listing Service.
Alpha Wire Company has announced the launch of its significantly enhanced XTRA•GUARD® 4 product line following research by the company with its existing key end use customers. The results of the survey highlighted the need for a cable capable of remaining flexible even at temperatures as low as -50°C. A unique jacket construction has just received UL approval and is pushing the boundaries for reliable cable performance in extreme cold environments. XTRA•GUARD 4 demonstrates excellent flexibility across the full operating temperature range +125°C to -50°C making it perfect for a variety of applications.