Previewing the AMI Show, Part 2

A further look at some of the exhibitors at the AMI/WWFE show.
Following last month’s look at some of the industry suppliers from the slaughter side of the business, The National Provisioner showcases some of the exhibitors at the AMI International Meat, Poultry & Seafood Industry Convention and Exposition involved in processing and further processing equipment. Next month will conclude our AMI Show preview with a look at companies involved in packaging, logistics and transportation.
Alkar produces thermal processing equipment, ranging from one-truck ovens and chillers to continuous ovens that produce meat products at rates exceeding 25,000 pounds per hour. The company’s turnkey solutions include racks, trees and renovations. RapidPak focuses on horizontal form-fill packaging, with patented servo motor technology. The equipment is easy to wash down, operates at a high speed and is customizable to the specific needs of a processor.

phone (608) 592-3211,
or visit or ;
Booth #N2210 at the AMI Show
AmTrade Systems is the U.S. distributor for Schröter Technologie. Schröter has designed and manufactured thermal processing systems for the meat and poultry industry since 1949. At the upcoming AMI, we will be showcasing the popular RH and R88 Smoke generators and air scrubber system, a one-truck batch oven featuring the two-fan air-flow system, our Allen Bradley-based control system and our tempering system. Stop by the company’s booth to discuss thermal processing needs; whether it includes cooking systems, chilling systems, tempering rooms, drying rooms, natural smoke generators, or control systems AmTrade can meet the requirements.

AmTrade Systems,
phone (734) 522-9500,
or visit ;
Booth # N2228 at the AMI Show
A global leader in meat trimming equipment, Bettcher Industries’ goal is to partner with processors to develop new and better yield enhancing applications. Bettcher Industries is featuring new blade designs and depth gauges for new levels of speed, consistency and precision in trimming and defatting operations. At this year’s Worldwide Food Expo, Bettcher Industries will be displaying new serrated blades and depth gauges that can deliver improved speed and consistent precision in trimming and defatting operations.

Bettcher Industries,
phone (800) 321-8763,
or visit ;
Booth #N1247 at the AMI Show
The Biro Manufacturing Company markets over 35 items, including meat saws, tenderizers, meat grinders, chicken cutters, vacuum tumblers, horizontal slicers, and other meat processing machinery. This equipment is used in the United States and throughout the world. The company was founded by Carl Biro Sr. and produced the first BIRO Power Meat, Fish and Bone Cutter in 1921.

Biro Manufacturing Co.,
phone (419) 798-4451,
or visit ;
Booth #S3924 at the AMI Show
Bizerba’s theme for the AMI exposition at WWFE will be demonstrated to the 2007 attendees by their viewing a fully operational system, containing Bizerba’s modular designed, top and bottom application, weigh/price labeling equipment fully integrated with a CPS case/tote packing machine.
The reason for this dynamic partnership becomes evident in the control of line process integrity that is created through this coupling of proven technology. Interlocking the equipment to operate as a single unit allows a higher degree of accuracy during the collection of production data. A single operator interface simplifies the process of product selection, totalizing, error handling, weigh/labeling, speed optimization, pack-out and case labeling.
Integration also reaches out to customer service as all partnership company equipment is serviceable through the Bizerba USA Service department.
New labeling concepts for Time Temperature Indicating and RFID technology application along with carton sealing glue and ancillary equipment will also be represented.

Bizerba USA,
phone (732) 819-0121,
or visit ;
Booth # N2259 at the AMI Show.
Bridge Machine Co. is introducing the new and improved Bridge Titan Meatball Former, Model BT008. It is designed to increase production while reducing maintenance and labor costs. The BT008 features a self-contained hydraulic drive system which offers consistency and versatility. The drives to the main auger and auxiliary augers are separated. The auxiliary augers are independently operated with a variable-speed drive creating its most versatile Titan ever.
Production rates up to 160,000 pieces per hour are obtainable with the Bridge multi-head attachment. The BT008 is designed to form “traditional home-made” style meatballs without costly dies or forming plates.

Bridge Machine Co.,
phone (856) 829-1800,
or visit ;
Booth # N205 at the AMI Show
Experience CFS Lifecycle Performance at the AMI show/ Worldwide Food Expo. CFS specializes in performance-focused solutions for the food industry, from a single machine or packaging material to a complete production line for the preparation, marination, processing, slicing and packaging of primarily meat, poultry, fish, seafood and cheese-based products.
Visit the company’s booth to see the world premiere of the latest innovation in ham massaging technology, CFS PowerCure. CFS also will feature the new CFS PowerPakNT. This innovative form-fill-seal machine is designed to meet the current and future needs of the food industry. Setting new standards for performance, cost efficiency, flexibility and sanitary design, the CFS PowerPakNT provides a rapid return on investment.

CFS Americas,
phone (800) 388-2601,
or visit ;
Booth #N828 at the AMI Show
Concentrating on the convenience food, fruit, vegetable and protein segments of the industry, FMC FoodTech designs, manufactures and services a comprehensive range of solutions for the world’s largest food processors and suppliers, fast-food chains, and institutional and commercial restaurants. Its products include impingement freezing equipment, total systems diagnostics, cooking and coating systems and water-jet cutting systems.

FMC FoodTech,
phone (800) 835-3230,
or ;
Booth #N2268 at the AMI Show
For more than 35 years, Formax has partnered with customers in the meat, poultry, bakery and pharmaceutical industries delivering superior technologies and opportunities. Today’s Formax is moving forward with even more advanced forming and slicing systems that put more in it for its customers. The precision quality and reliability of the company’s forming equipment creates superior product appearance, natural texture, higher yields and the best return on investment.

Formax Inc.,
phone (708) 479-3500,
or visit ;
Booth #N745 and #N1240 at the AMI Show
Friedrich will feature its larger smokehouses (six-trucks and up) for higher-volume batch processors. Related accessories, including controls, wireless probes, and smoke systems will be displayed.
We will be highlighting our new smoke generator, the NS80-1, which produces enough smoke for up to a 16-truck smokehouse, in a 3-foot by 2-foot footprint. The NS80-1 is fully automatic, and very easy to use and maintain. Processors considering purchasing a new smoke generator need to evaluate the results they can achieve, and the space they can save with the NS80-1. The company also will be promoting its intensive chilling systems, designed to speed time to packaging, while meeting FSIS product cooling regulations. Processors may inquire about scheduling a test of the chilling equipment in their plant.

Friedrich Metal Products Co. Inc.,
phone (800) 772-0326,
or visit ;
Booth #N2640 at the AMI Show
The Grote Company continues to expand its product offering in the area of sandwich line automation, and its exhibit this year will showcase a completely automated sandwich production line. The new line will feature an Automated Bread Placement and Buttering System, Volumetric Depositor, Ultrasonic Sandwich Aligner/Cutter, Modular Slicer with stack/shingle capability and a Sandwich Assembly Conveyor with Belt Washing/Clean in Place (CIP) System. These unique capabilities and systems allow Grote to provide even more value-added solutions for today’s food processors. See a live demonstration at the WWFE.

Grote Co.,
phone (888) 534-7683,
or visit ;
Booth #N1254 at the AMI Show
Handtmann manufactures individual custom-made filling and portioning machines for all sizes of business. Sausage filling lines and various attachments ensure economical sausage production. They are developed and designed to meet demands for performance, accuracy, versatility and quality. The company also offers linking and hanging lines and grinding machines.

Handtmann Inc.,
phone (847) 808.1100,
or visit ;
Booth #N1636 at the AMI Show
Heat and Control offers the widest range of prepared foods processing equipment of any manufacturer. The company has grown up with the prepared foods business — and continuously develops new technology to improve product yield, capacity and sanitation savings. Fifty-seven years of experience has taught Heat and Control how to develop the entire process and apply the equipment to deliver the product processors want consistently and efficiently.
Among the types of products the company offers are:
- Coating applicators (sauce & dry topping applicators, batter applicators, breading applicators, beltless breading applicators, drum breaders)
- Fryers (direct heated, externally heated, oil curtain fryer, foodservice continuous trays)
- Oil filtration and heating (external heat exchangers, primary and secondary oil filters, stack oil mist eliminators, oil/water separators)
- Ovens (impingement, convection, spiral, microwave, steamers, infrared)
- Surface treatment and formers (rotary brander, direct flame searer, infrared, nugget formers)
- Product handling (conveyors, distribution systems)
- Inspection (Ishida checkweighers and X-ray inspection, CEIA metal detectors)
- Weighers and fillers (Ishida multihead weighers, tray and carton fillers)
- Controls (systems integration, panels design and fabrication).

Heat and Control Inc.,
phone (800) 227-5980,
or visit ;
Booth #S3706 at the AMI Show
Henry & Sons Inc. has been servicing the food processing industry for the past 27 years offering a variety of parts, service and machinery. It introduced its line of AC stuffing pumps in 1998. H & S has been manufacturing replacement VEMAG parts since its conception in 1980 by David Henry.
H & S is dedicated to achieving continuous improvement in customer satisfaction through a commitment to excellence in the development, efficiency and support of continuous stuffing applications worldwide.
Its key markets include ground beef chub applications, ground beef tray pack applications and replacement VEMAG parts (currently stocking more than 2,000 parts).
For the AMI Show, Henry & Sons has a new 400/600 pound cart lift for its line of AC stuffing pumps. The company is also going to have its all new full-color touchscreen portioning system for demo at the show. The “Chub Innovations” modified-atmosphere packaging system continues to double the conventional ground beef shelf life for processing ground beef chubs and improves food safety substantially.

Henry & Sons Inc.,
phone (800) 752-7507,
or visit ;
Booth #N2540 at the AMI Show
Hollymatic Corporation is celebrating 70 years as one of the leading manufacturers of food processing equipment. Best-known for the inventions of the Hamburger Patty Machine and the Mixer/Grinder, Hollymatic continues to lead the industry in innovative machines designed to enhance the ability to produce high- quality, profitable products. This equipment will be displayed at the AMI Show. Hollymatic will be featuring the Portion Pro 320 2-Hole Hydraulic Forming Machine with Roto-Flow Fill System and our Industrial Mixer/Grinders and Gemini Grinding Systems. Also displayed will be a new Digital Chart Recording option for the Hot N Cold Temperature Monitoring System.

Hollymatic Corp.,
phone (708) 579-3700,
or visit ;
Booth #N428 at the AMI Show
Karl Schnell has two facilities in Germany that design and manufacture machinery for the processing of meat and sausage. Crushers and grinders, mixers and emulsifiers, both in horizontal and vertical designs, are available for any size company. Its precision emulsifiers can process frozen meat products as a rate of 3,900 to 8,800 pounds per hour.

Karl Schnell,
phone (920) 982-9974,
or visit ;
Booth #N1172 at the AMI Show
Since 1883, Koch Equipment has served the processing and packaging equipment needs of thousands of companies worldwide in the meat and poultry industry. Whether it’s kill floor, further processing, vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging, or high-speed labeling, the company’s comprehensive offering includes more than 250 products which enable us to tailor equipment solutions that meet the production line objectives, labor goals, budget constraints and brand image of its customers.
The following equipment will be on display at Koch’s booth at the Worldwide Food Expo/AMI Show: Frozen Block Grinder (industrial capacity); Mixer/Grinder (industrial capacity); 130-liter Bowl Cutter; Vacuum Stuffers/Sausage Linking Lines; Brine Injector; Dicer; Crossweb Package and Film Labelers; In-line Labeler; Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines; Shrink Tunnel; M.A.P. Tray Sealers with Industrial Capacity; Rollstock Material Handling System.

Koch Equipment,
phone (800) 777-5624,
or visit ;
Booth #N412 at the AMI Show
Marel’s vision is to be an international leader in developing and marketing high-tech processing equipment for the food-processing industry in order to increase the productivity of Marel’s customers. With products from the well-regarded AEW Delford, Marel, Scanvaegt and Carnitech brand names, Marel Food Systems offers a variety of meat-processing solutions from trimming and deboning to portioning and packing, as well as providing equipment and software for poultry processors that facilitate increased yields, labor savings and better quality.

Marel Food Systems,
(913) 888-9110,
or visit ;
Booth #N1620 at the AMI Show
Marlen will be showcasing its smokehouses and ovens, blast chill cells, Marlen Opti Pumps, the Smart Teck system and thermal control solutions. All of this will be incorporated into a newly designed trade show format with interactive animation and Smart Wall technology. Processors will be able to not only see the equipment design but will have a full range view of its operation, functionality, sanitation and cleanability, and a benefit analysis designed around their needs.

Marlen Research Corp.,
phone (913) 888-3333,
or visit ;
Booth #N257 at the AMI Show
MP Equipment sells a line of proven machinery. Breaders, batter applicators, oil filters, conveyors, mixers, and reject conveyor are just a few to name. Its machines stand up to the harsh conditions found in the processing industries. Each new machine is guaranteed to perform at top standards and last for the long run.
MP Equipment and PES have teamed together to bring to market the latest in quality control data acquisition. QC Simple™ quickly and accurately captures all product attributes, eliminating costly manual measurements. Using cutting-edge technologies in scanning, weighing and temperature probing, all measurements are gathered in a single pass. The QC Simple can scan up to five times faster than traditional methods, is network compatible and prints hold and pass product labels. The touch-screen interface has user-friendly screen layouts, and all quality data is stored in electronic format for easy retrieval.

MP Equipment Co.,
phone (770) 614-5355,
or visit ;
Booth #N228 at the AMI Show
What began as simple patty forming with NuTEC’s 1-A machine has grown to a lineup that includes five different food formers and C-Frame depositors for stuffed or filled products. The technology behind NuTEC equipment assures perfect shapes, homemade product quality, consistent weight control, and better equipment dependability.
Four of NuTEC’s Food Formers will be on display at the Worldwide Food Expo. The smallest model, the 710, provides gentle handling for a variety of products from beef to vegetables. It can form hamburger patties, meatballs, skinless sausage links, and much more. The 720 Forming Machine is designed for small to medium processors and R&D labs. Completely hydraulic, it runs beef, pork, poultry, seafood, cheese and more. NuTEC’s hydraulic 745 machine is built tough, without the cumbersome weight of similar machines. Reliable and efficient, it combines accurate weight control, minimum leakage and quick changeovers with mobility. The largest model to be exhibited, NuTEC’s 750 Food Former is also completely hydraulic, provides accurate weight control, minimum leakage and rapid changeover while reducing downtime.

NuTEC Mfg.,
phone (815)722-2800,
or visit ;
Booth #N855 at the AMI Show
Poly-clip will be showcasing several recently released machines at the Worldwide Food Expo. The Automatic double clipper FCA 50/120/160 is the most productive universal clipping machine in the world. It offers a larger caliber range, new voiding separators and a servo drive. It can be combined with the AHL automatic hanging line for automated sausage hanging.
The new Automatic Single Clipper ISC Quattro features an unrivaled IRIS separator for short, symmetrical sausage ends. It has a power conveyor belt for quick product discharge and a four-horn turret for maximum efficiency.
The NFA 100 Netting Film Applicator automatically combines netting over film in one simple process, offering high capacity and low rework when compared to the manual process. Netting is metered for uniform product size, and operators can load 50 meters of film and 50 meters of netting for even changeovers.
The TSCX 120 Automatic Clipping/Sealing Machine is a combination of a sealing unit and a high-performance clipping module, featuring a zero-time clipper for maximum product output. Production rates of up to 50,000 pounds per hour can be achieved with the machine.

Poly-clip System Corp.,
phone (847) 949-2800,
or visit ;
Booth #N1228 at the AMI Show
Reiser will feature live demonstrations at AMI of its complete line of processing and packaging equipment and solutions. Reiser will demonstrate its Vemag Stuffer in various sizes and configurations and utilizing various attachments for high-speed sausage making, inline grinding, multi-lane jerky extrusion, home-style patty forming, meatball forming, and more. Also on display will be Vemag Smokehouses, Holac Dicers, AMFEC Tumblers, Fomaco Injectors and Seydelmann Choppers and Grinders.
Reiser will also showcase its complete line of meat packaging equipment, including Ross Traysealers for MAP and case-ready applications, Repak form/fill/seal packaging machines, and Supervac automatic belt-chamber vacuum packaging machines.
Reiser is best known as a “solutions” company. A combination of quality equipment, years of expertise, innovative engineering and total customer support position Reiser as the one supplier that processors can trust for better processing and packaging solutions.

phone (781) 821-1290,
or visit ;
Booth #N802 at the AMI Show
Risco Spa is one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the meat and poultry industry. In the United States, the exclusive distributor is RISCO USA, located in South Easton, Mass. RISCO manufactures continuous vacuum fillers, depositors, grinders and mixers. All equipment is built with stainless-steel components and high-tech resin parts to eliminate metal-to-metal wear. Engineered with the best sanitation principles in mind, end-of-shift clean up is fast and thorough. Its Double D ovens and cookers can quickly cook products, creating a tasty meat item with tremendous visual appeal.

Risco USA,
phone (888) 474-7267,
or visit ;
Booth #N849
Stork Food Systems develops and manufactures poultry and further processing equipment and systems for customers around the world. Stork will be showcasing the following at the 2007 WWFE/AMI. Stop by Booth N1206 to obtain more information about our featured products.
The RotoCrumb provides consistent breading. Suitable for handling a wide range of crumb and products, it provides uniform distribution of crumb over all surfaces of the product, while keeping the structure of the crumb intact.
The RevoPortioner is an advanced, low-pressure portioning machine that combines high capacity, exceptionally high product quality and low cost of ownership. It portions whole-muscle meat into natural shapes, while maintaining consistent size and weight.
The ValueDrum, a smart in-line marinating system, consists of a number of segments, making it very simple for a product to undergo various wet and dry process steps, providing new possibilities for product development.
The ModularOven offers flexibility in process heating. It is the most recent innovation in the field of process heating, and provides a high-capacity with optimum environment control and superior yields.

Stork Food Systems,
phone (770) 532-7041,
or visit ;
Booth #N1206 at the AMI Show
Tipper Tie will be highlighting a variety of machines encompassing all of its various product families. From the netting and clipping family, on display will be the all-new WM™ Netter and TN2001B. Machines from the clipping systems family include the newly engineered RS4204. Tipper Tie’s Technopack will present the recently upgraded series of KDCM-90 and KDCM-A400 and Tipper Tie Alpina adds in their brand new Swipper Compact and Swipper 18/15 to complete the showing for the clipping systems. The landmark TB10 and TBV12 will be displayed to showcase Tipper’s bagging and clipping systems. The CVE vacuum and clipping system along with the innovative REB1 automatic rucking system will also be on display. Finally, a multitude of table top clippers will be exhibited including the Signature™ Series Press-Tie, Plastic Clip Clipper and the SZ3214 double clipper.
Tipper Tie also will show its newly released WM™ Netter and RS4204. The WM™ Netter automatically nets one or more whole-muscle sections at one time utilizing a breech load at speeds up to 10 pieces per minute. The RS4204 is an automated double clipper that utilizes shirred fibrous, collagen, cellulose, cook-in plastic casing and casing net at double the speeds of other systems.

Tipper Tie Inc.,
phone (800) 331-2905,
or visit ;
Booth #N1613 at the AMI Show
Treif is developing and manufacturing innovative machines, production lines and systems exclusively for cutting and slicing food. The company’s competence units include dicing, portion cutting, slicing and bread cutting. Whether for meat, sausage and cheese or bread and confectionery, or for cutting dices, strips or slices, Treif knows the most suitable cutting technique and exactly how to apply it.

Treif USA Inc.,
phone (888) 778-7343,
or visit ;
Booth #N1645 at the AMI Show
Weber will be featuring powerful new slicers, labor-saving food robotics, high-yield skinners and ice-making technology at its booth at the Worldwide Food Expo. Featured solutions will include Weber’s all-new Whole Muscle Slicing System (WMS), designed to deliver up to 40 on-weight portions per minute, faster loading cycles and near-zero giveaway in just under 14 square feet of floor space.
Additional innovations include Weber’s all-new 404 and 604 mid-volume slicing systems, new log peeler, vision-equipped two-in-one defatter/derinder and food robotics, which reduce product handling and operating costs. Weber’s ultimate productivity machine, the 904 Slicing System also has been improved to include flawless four-lane interleaving capability.

Weber Inc.,
phone (800) 505-9591,
or visit ;
Booth #N2232 at the AMI Show
Wolf-tec specializes in further-processing equipment, ranging from massagers and brine injection systems to whole-muscle stuffers and meat presses. Grinders, injectors and product-handling equipment are also available. The company also offers automated molding, cooking, and chilling systems from Armor Inox. Wolf-tec believes in partnering with its customers to create the most consistent products with the lowest operational costs possible.

Wolf-tec Inc.,
phone (800) 257-4627,
or visit ;
Booth #N2226 at the AMI Show