Previewing the AMI Show, Part 1

The National Provisioner
 previews some of the companies that will be exhibiting at this year’s Worldwide Food Expo
Over the next three issues, The National Provisioner will look at some of the companies that will be showing off their latest and best-selling equipment at the AMI International Meat, Poultry & Seafood Industry Convention and Exposition, scheduled as part of the Worldwide Food Expo. The show, which runs from October 24-27 at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center, will draw more than 25,000 attendees from around the world.
This month, the focus is on companies involved in the slaughter and harvesting side of the business.
Baader-Johnson, with corporate offices and a manufacturing facility in Kansas City, is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of Baader-Johnson poultry processing equipment worldwide. With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, the company maintains a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, dependable products. Using the highest quality stainless steel and engineered plastics in the construction of its equipment, Baader-Johnson machines are carefully constructed and designed to withstand the harsh environment of the processing plant.
The company provides a complete line of equipment and services to poultry processors. Baader-Johnson offers Carcass Care™ pre-eviscerating products for stunning, killing, scalding and picking. It also has a number of products dedicated to the eviscerating and batching and sizing areas of a poultry plant.
Baader-Johnson’s plastic shackles offer poultry processors a savings and noise reduction. The shackle design offers dramatic improvements over metal shackles that require ongoing maintenance and rework. Currently available in 30-inch standard makeup, the shackles are compatible with all poultry applications using a standard eviscerating shackle. Other lengths are available by special order.

phone (800) 228-3434,
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Booth #N462 at the AMI Show
Best & Donovan has been serving the meat industry for over a century, providing high-quality tools and machinery, world-class service and pioneering work in automation. The company designs complete kill and cut floor systems.
The Acra-Grade System is designed to evaluate the lean percentage of an animal carcass using non-invasive ultrasound technology at speeds up to 1500 carcasses/hour. The intent is to reduce the possibilities of cross-contamination of the carcasses, reduce damage to the carcasses and provide a standardized system for grading the animals. The ergonomically designed scan head facilitates consistent and reliable readings while providing easy-to-use operation. Data can be downloaded directly to a central computer system or electronically transmitted to a downstream scale to be added to the carcass weight record.
The ultrasound transducer (also known as the Aloka unit) sends the actual ultrasonic waves through the carcass and receives the reflected waves. The video screen displays a real time analog ultrasonic image of the carcass to allow for proper positioning of the Aloka unit. The computer takes the image via a video grabber board and digitizes it to allow for processing of the data and analysis of the fat to lean ratio of the animal.

Best & Donovan,
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Booth #N2560 at the AMI Show
The CSB Image Meater from CSB-System International is a modern IT-Solution to determine the grade and the market value of hogs automatically. In contrast to other available grading systems, the CSB-System is based on a non-contact fully automated image analysis in motion.
The technology of the CSB Image Meater consists of a software program, which captures the images of the side of the hog, identifies muscle and bone structures and evaluates the results. This enables accurate and easy reproducible results in an absolute hygienic way, with no wear and tear of the device.
The extended version of the Image Meater allows the determination of the market value for the major primals: ham, shoulder, loin and belly, to help optimal utilization of the animal in the next processes.

CSB-System International Inc.,
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Booth #N152 at the AMI Show
Jarvis Products Corp. is displaying its new line of six-axis robots for all operations. Two robots will be displayed. Jarvis is also exhibiting its Automatic Hog Splitter by pictorial display and action video.
Other new products being displayed include:
- Jarvis’ USSS-2A non-penetrating pneumatic stunner and its supporting equipment.  
- Buster IX Beef Splitting Saw, with an internal sanitizer that reduces the rate of organic material accumulation and prevents central nervous system protein build-up on the saw blade.

- JET Bandsaw blade offering operators significantly longer blade life and accuracy.
- SPC-165GTAIL (air) and SHC-165GTAIL (hydraulic) tail bone removers, specifically made for removing spinal cord material in the tail bone area – for both beef and pork.
The Jarvis product line is sold and serviced worldwide through 13 branch locations, and Jarvis’ J26 Federation of Distributors. Currently, the company is expanding operations in Russia, China, India and Southeast Asia.

Jarvis Products Corp.,
phone (860) 347-7271,
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Booth # N1621 at the AMI Show
SFK America Inc., fully owned by SFK Systems A/S Denmark, is a leading supplier of innovative and total solutions to the food industry. The company’s systems comprise an advanced and diverse product mix for both the slaughtering and processing industries.
SFK has an outstanding record of complete installations worldwide. Working in close cooperation with the customers, SFK plans, specifies, delivers and installs plants with state-of-the-art equipment systems.
SFK’s service level, including after-sales service, is second to none. Staff training, production facility adjustments, maintenance and advice are all significant aspects of a collaboration with SFK.
SFK’s commitment to improve yields continues with new, innovative products with high output and customer benefits. It is all reflected in these newly introduced units:

- A first-to-market CO2 stunner. It has a capacity of 1,300 pigs/hour 15 per/batch and provides no stress and high yield.
- A splitting saw that can split 650 pigs/hour in a fixed position, offering a very high yield.
SFK Systems A/S has more than 70 years of experience and employs over 300 associates. The company possesses know-how gained as a result of close collaboration with the Danish slaughter and process industry.

SFK America Inc.,
phone (563) 582-4230,
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Booth #N858 at the AMI Show