The industrial slicer DIVIDER 800 processes products with a length of up to 1,200 mm/47 1/5” safely. It achieves up to 3,200 slices per minute and has the ability to stack, shingle, shave, stagger -stack or portion. The DIVIDER 800 is fully check-weigher compatible and can be extended with a sorting station. The modular concept allows the addition of various modules that can be added depending on customer-specific requirements. Fully equipped, the machine comes with a sorting station and tray feeder which transport the products to a packing machine.
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Storage Drums
Custom Metalcraft has introduced its new open-top/stackable 56-gallon stainless drum. High-quality 304 stainless drums are finished in a 2B polish. Corrosion resistance makes these drums suited for storage and shipping of both liquid and solid foods and chemicals. Open head drums have removable lids and 12-gauge bolt ring closure with mildew-resistant polyurethane gasket. Stackable empty feature helps save warehouse space.
Custom Metalcraft,
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The Mettler-Toledo Safeline PowerChek Plus 3-A unit uses low- energy, electronically-generated x-ray technology for optimal sensitivity in detecting and automatically rejecting many contaminants including metal, stone, bone, glass and high-density plastics. It can also measure product mass, monitor overfill and underfill, and find a damaged or incorrectly packaged product. PowerChekPlus-3A can check the integrity of package seals and identify any seals that have been compromised from trapped product.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc.,
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USDA Accepted CompactGrid™ conveyor belt has been introduced by Wire Belt. The stainless-steel CompactGrid is engineered specifically to replace heavier balanced weave belts, and difficult-to-clean plastic modular belts. CompactGrid provides a strong, lighter-weight, easy-to-clean and maintain, cost- effective solution for replacing many other types of conveyor belting.
Wire Belt Company of America,
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Linde, part of The Linde Group, has launched the CRYOLINE® hygienic tunnel freezer to the U.S. market. The freezer has sloped external and internal surfaces to eliminate liquid collection and to facilitate easy draining. It has no niches to harbor pathogens and offers complete access to all areas for easy cleaning and inspection.
The Linde Group,
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The Hyster Co. Fortis™ line of sit-down, counterbalanced lift trucks is designed to provide low-cost dependability. The advanced features of the Fortis line, including customizable applications and ergonomics, offer productivity and operator comfort to provide a hardworking, everyday lift truck. It is available in cushion tire (S80-120FT) and pneumatic tire (H80-120FT) configurations. The lift trucks are available in three preconfigured power train bundles.
Hyster Co.,
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Packaging System
Tewari De-Ox Systems has introduced its new zero-oxtechTM — a packaging process to deliver extended shelf life of 6-plus weeks during storage/distribution and 5-plus days at retail shelf of case-ready meats in traditional foam trays by preventing the transient discoloration of meat tissues. The process removes oxygen surrounding the meats to absolute zero levels within a few hours of pack-closure by utilizing Tewari’s self-activated oxygen scavengersTM, CO2 generators, and ultra-high oxygen barrier bags. A fully integrated and automated horizontal flow machine is also being launched in early 2008 forming master-bags with single or multiple trays.
Tewari De-Ox Systems Inc.,
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Pathogen Test
DuPont Qualicon has released a new genetic-based test that allows food companies to detect Listeria on environmental surfaces in just eight hours. This new assay is the first commercial application of Reverse-Transcriptase PCR for bacterial testing in food and the latest addition to the award-winning suite of BAX® system products. BAX® system offers DNA-based detection of microbes in food, from raw ingredients to finished products.
DuPont Qualicon,
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Vemag Smoke Houses from Reiser offer a combined hot smoking and cooking system for meat products. The Aeromat can control temperatures within a range between 50°F (10°C) above ambient temperatures and 203°F (95°C) with redding, drying, smoking and cooking cycles completely controlled. The air circulation system has two sets of injection ducts, and one return duct ensures uniform temperatures and air flow. Vemag’s micromat control system can store up to 50 programs. The smokehouse is completely constructed of stainless steel and is easily cleaned.
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Display Case
The new “S” Series line of refrigerated and non-refrigerated display cases is now available. The “S” Series, part of the Encore line of cases from Structural Concepts, can be mixed and matched in modular fashion for a one-of-a-kind display. The front glass on the corner cases curves top to bottom and side to side, creating an intriguing bubble-like appearance. The presentation deck is available with a choice of solid surface materials. An optional step-front addition offers extra merchandising space for complementary items. The display case contains the slide-out Breeze™ refrigeration system. The optional Clean Sweep™ Condenser Coil Cleaner feature is available.
Structural Concepts,
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Batching System
The new AccuFill™ Quad-Batching System for red meat from Gainco provides the most efficient, high-speed way to collect and group red meat items such as loose meats, finger meat and variety meats for downstream bagging procedures. The system combines weighing accuracy with efficiency improvements. Suitable for processing whole muscle meats as well as further processed products, the system collects, weighs, batches and can count four separate streams of incoming product.
Gainco Inc.,
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Dorner’s new AquaPruf LPZ Series Platform is available for high sanitation areas. It uses positive-driven Mol Industries’ USDA-approved solid urethane belt for smooth, consistent operation in wet, humid environments. This TheromDrive urethane belt will not stretch in humid conditions and has no bacteria-harboring hinges or pins. Another sanitary feature of the AquaPruf LPZ Series platform is its open-frame design that allows for easy access to cleaning the frame and both the top and bottom of the belt. It comes in three configurations: Z-frame, horizontal-to-incline and nose-over. All three configurations come in either plastic chain or belt options.
Dorner Manufacturing,
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Hobart Welding Products offers its new Handler® 125 EZ gasless (self-shielded) flux-cored wire welder. The unit has a maximum output of 125 amps and automatically sets the correct voltage and amperage for the metal thickness selected. It provides good penetration and weld consistency on metal thicknesses ranging from 18 gauge to 3/16 inches. The Handler 125 EZ comes with ready-to-weld mild steel using .030 or .035-inch flux-cored wire and works well for outdoor welding because no shielding gas is required. For portability, it weighs 50 pounds and plugs into a typical 120-V outlet.
Hobart Welding Products,
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Valspar Flooring has announced its ValsparCOMPLETE single-source solution for facilities seeking turnkey design, sales and installation of high-performance, seamless floor and wall systems. ValsparCOMPLETE begins with a site survey conducted by technical engineers who create a customized flooring solution. Sales specialists then manage the installation. Valspar offers national account programs to assist in standardization efforts.
Valspar Flooring,
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Micro Beef Technologies and Midwest MicroSystems have introduced the Cow Sense® Verified Program, a value-added program providing cow-calf producers a tool to age and source verify cattle and qualify for domestic and export market programs. Midwest MicroSystems’ Cow Sense Herd Management Software is integrated with Micro Beef Technologies’ USDA-approved Process Verified Program for age and source verification.
Midwest MicroSystems,
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Tharo Systems has developed a CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System)-based printer driver to add printing support for the Tharo H-427, H-436, H-626, and the H-634 thermal transfer label printers, under UNIX-like operating systems. This driver can be configured to control the optional cutter, rewinder and applicator of the H-Series printers as well as directly print from applications installed on the following operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Sun Solaris, IRIX and HP-UX
Tharo Systems Inc.,
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The Whizard® Power Knife from Bettcher Industries delivers consistent gyros and shawarma sandwiches, souflaki and donner kabobs. Using the tool’s adjustable depth gauge, operators can regulate and control the overall quality, consistency and thickness of meat slices more accurately compared to using a conventional straight knife. Bettcher’s fast-rotating circular blade works in conjunction with the depth gauge to produce uniform meat slices. A safety shut-off feature reduces the risk of injury while promoting safe operation. The Power Knife is also easy to sharpen, clean and maintain, and its rugged construction will provide years of trouble-free operation
Bettcher Industries,
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The Whizard® LN Series offers hand protection with high-performance fibers and stainless-steel filament. The fibers provide strength and offer high-abrasion resistance. The LN Series is available in various gauges for light to heavy duty applications. All gauges are can handle sharp objects. The glove is ambidextrous, prewashed and preshrunk to extend the life of the glove. They are available in three gauges; seven, ten, and thirteen, sizes xx-small through x-large and are sold by the piece.
Wells Lamont Industry Group,
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