The executive director of the Sacramento SPCA said that the organization has decided not to actively oppose a Sacramento businessman's request to locate a poultry processing plant near the SPCA's complex.

"We have modified our position. We're not opposing the slaughter facility," said Rick Johnson, reports the Sacramento Bee. He said that the group still does not consider the location ideal.

New American Poultry was initially denied a special use permit to move to a building near the SPCA’s headquarters. SPCA representatives spoke out against the plant during a Sacramento Planning Commission. Johnson said that the organization hoped to direct the company to another location, but it agreed to drop opposition upon determining that no other site was available.

New American owner Harry Cheung said that he would have to close the business and lay off 30 workers if he was not able to move his plant to a new location.

Planning director David Kwong said Wednesday that the commission will rehear the matter April 14, because the commission failed to follow proper procedure. He said the vote really amounted to no action, rather than a denial. Having failed to get six votes for approval, he said, further deliberations should have occurred, followed by a motion and vote to deny or continue the matter.

Source: Sacramento Bee