Buckhead Beef, a subsidiary of Sysco Corp., announced it is expanding its plant in Charlotte, N.C. With a 24,000-square foot facility this summer. The plant expected to create as many as 100 jobs over the next five years, reports the Charlotte Observer, and it will distribute Certified Angus Beef, veal, poultry, seafood, wild game and other foods to chefs, restaurateurs and Sysco-operating companies across the Carolinas.

Buckhead Beef, whose main plant is in Atlanta, will hire 40 workers initially, including butchers, delivery drivers, warehouse staff and sales representatives, with 80 to 100 hires likely by the fifth year, the company said.

Company President Chad Stine said the new facility will give local restaurants more personal service, allowing chefs to request unique cuts with little lead time. The new facility will feature high-tech slicing, packaging and refrigeration equipment, the company said.

Source: Charlotte Observer