chairmans reserve premium from tysonTyson Fresh Meats, Inc., the beef and pork unit of Tyson Foods, Inc., has re-invigorated its Chairman’s Reserve® Premium Meats brand in response to rising interest in premium meat. The Chairman’s Reserve Certified Premium Beef line includes Prime and upper 2/3 Choice grades of beef, and the Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork line includes color-graded, non-enhanced pork. Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork products must also fall within the natural optimal moisture-holding capacity pH range of 5.7 – 6.2. Messaging for the brand was revamped to increase its appeal to consumers wanting premium meat products and focus on conveying “premium as quality.” New brand elements include the consumer-tested tagline, “Reward Yourself with Quality™” and a consumer-friendly Web site that offers product information, recipes and cooking tips for both beef and pork.