The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) announced winners from the Eastern National Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest, held October 1, 2011, at Cargill Regional Beef, Wyalusing, Pa.

Top Individuals, Senior Division: 1. Katie Powers, Oklahoma State University; 2. Jerra McMath, Texas Tech University; 3. Megan Semler, Colorado State University; 4. Zach Smith, Texas Tech University; 5. McKenzie Clifton, Oklahoma State University; 6. Eldon Campbell, Oklahoma State University; 7. Garret Dietz, Kansas State University; 8. Nathan Labus, Texas A&M University; 9. Dakotah Williams, Texas Tech University; 10. Dani Shubert, Colorado State University.

Top 5 Teams, Senior Division: 1. Texas Tech University; 2. Oklahoma State University; 3. Colorado State University; 4. Texas A&M University; 5. South Dakota State University.

In total, 81 contestants representing 13 teams participated in the contest. Office committee members for the Eastern National contest included: Glen Dolezal, Ph.D., Cargill Meat Solutions; Brad Morgan, Ph.D., Pfizer Animal Health; Dr. John Scanga, Elanco Animal Health; Paul Berg, Ph.D., North Dakota State University; David O’Diam, Certified Angus Beef; Dale Woerner, Ph.D., Colorado State University and Joe Barksdale, USDA AMS, LS GV

Source: AMSA