Columbus Foods, makers of premium specialty meats for more than 95 years, has launched its first variety pack, the Il Classico Antipasto Sampler. The sampler includes three of the most popular varieties from the brand’s portfolio of more than 40 salumi offerings.

The Il Classico Antipasto Sampler contains four pre-sliced ounces of each of the following:

  • Italian Dry Salame – spiced with garlic and wine

  • Pepper Salame – hand-rolled in freshly cracked peppercorns

  • Calabrese Salame – zesty, with paprika and peppers

The 12 oz. Antipasto Sampler is available in select grocery stores and club retailers, including Target and Costco. Like all Columbus Foods salame products, the Italian Dry, Pepper and Calabrese salame are authentically made with 100% pork and are gluten free, containing no MSG or trans fats.

Source: Columbus Foods