IGSM Group Inc. announced its first acquisition, Old World Sausage Factory, a manufacturer of meat products since 1954. The company will operate as a wholly subsidiary of IGSM. This is inline with IGSM's recent announcement and corporate restructuring as a holding company.

The President of Old World Sausage Factory, Steven Chase, stated, "I have been an investor in IGSM for over a year and have come to know the management and their capabilities. I am confident in their ability to help bring the Old World Sausage Factory name and products to a national audience. I have been in the Food & Beverage industry for 25 years, but actually I was born into it. My grandfather, Leonard Pines, the former president of Hebrew National, was my idol. He and his father took a fledgling business and turned it into a national brand. I grew up learning the food business from one of the industry legends."

IGSM will announce other acquisitions in the coming weeks as well as plans for its media and marketing products.

IGSM is a U.S.-based company that will allow its subsidiaries to produce, and distribute goods and provide services internationally and in North America. In addition, IGSM Group will provide business and financial consulting services. Headquartered in Florida, IGSM with its diverse enterprises' and unique infrastructure will provide a platform to expand business opportunities globally while effectively and efficiently accessing the U.S. capital markets.

Source: IGSM Group