Days after announcing it would join a ban on finely textured beef, Hy-Vee said Wednesday it will continue to offer the products, reports

The grocery store chain announced last Friday that it would phase out ground beef products containing lean, finely textured beef. Wednesday, Hy-Vee said it will offer beef products with and without finely textured beef.

Hy-Vee issued a statement Wednesday about the new decision: "Hy-Vee takes great pride in listening to the voices of our customers and offering them outstanding values on the quality products they want to buy. Following our recent decision to stop purchasing ground beef containing Lean Finely Textured Beef, we heard from many customers who asked us to continue carrying this product. They've sent us a clear message: They want a choice when it comes to ground beef, and they want to support companies that provide thousands of jobs in our Midwest trade area. In response to this feedback, Hy-Vee has made a decision to offer both kinds of ground beef - both with and without Lean Finely Textured Beef. Both products will be identified so customers can determine for themselves which type of ground beef they want to buy. This transition is underway and will be implemented in our retail stores as quickly as possible. We thank our customers for sharing their views on this issue, and encourage them to continue telling us what we can do to improve their shopping experience at Hy-Vee."