Quantum Foods LLC, a further-processor of proteins, announced that it has completed installation of a United States Department of Agriculture and United States Food and Drug Administration-approved High Pressure Pasteurization System (HPP) which protects against harmful bacteria without affecting a protein’s taste, texture, appearance or nutritional value.

High Pressure Pasteurization is an all-natural, environmentally friendly, cutting-edge technology that uses intense hydrostatic pressure to deactivate and destroy harmful bacteria in foods. A limited number of companies in the United States are currently using the HPP system food preservation process.

“HPP allows Quantum Foods to deliver on our promise to keep our products safe without compromising the taste or nutritional value,” Edward B. Bleka, president, CEO and founder said. The HPP system permits Quantum Foods proteins to retain food quality, maintain natural freshness and extend product shelf life.

Quantum Foods employs an HPP technology system, called Hiperbaric, on its products, resulting in proteins that are 100 percent natural with no preservatives, no added nitrites and no artificial colors or flavors. With no preservatives added, the proteins retain their natural taste.

“We are totally committed to ensuring the highest standards in food safety. At Quantum Foods, we are continually focused on meeting or exceeding USDA standards and the industry’s best food safety practices,” Bleka added.

Source: Quantum Foods