The National Pork Board launches its “Pulled Pork is Perfect” promotion this month, appealing to consumers’ needs for convenient, versatile meal options for the summer going into fall. The promotion highlights the ease and simplicity of preparing pulled pork using several different cooking methods as well as a variety of quick and easy ideas, ranging from salad to pizza.

The promotion, which runs from July through September, includes a consumer brochure featuring recipes using the oven, slower cooker or grill to cook pork shoulder or sirloin roast for pulled pork. The timing is right to encourage consumers to try different cooking methods; a recent study indicates that both oven cooking and slow cooking are up 12 percent compared to five years ago. Other point-of-sale items include a poster, meat case sign and recipe brochure.

 “The ‘Pulled Pork is Perfect’ promotion allows us to call out all the great benefits of fresh pork: its versatility, convenience and flavor,” says Patrick Fleming, director of retail marketing for the National Pork Board. “We want to show consumers how easy it is to create delicious pulled pork at home that they can use in many different ways. For retailers, this promotion is a chance to put the spotlight on pork shoulder and sirloin roast in the meat case and help increase sales of those cuts.”

Source: NPB