The back-to-school craze is in full motion, and the National Pork Board (NPB) wants to help parents prepare meals not just for their kids, but for the whole family. NPB has partnered with top digital Latino influencers to bring healthy, savory meals for everyday eating.

"Back to school is a special time for the entire family, and we wanted to offer tips and pork recipes with quality nutrition that could be enjoyed by the entire family," said Jose de Jesus, director of multicultural marketing at The National Pork Board. "It is important that even with the craze of this season families get to enjoy homemade dishes. Pork is safe, healthy and affordable, making it the perfect protein for any lunch box."

Registered dietician, educator and author, Manuel Villacorta, is encouraging families to eat healthy while also enjoying their everyday meals. He recommends these easy tips for parents to keep in mind when meal planning for the week:

  1. Schedule time over the weekend – go to the grocery store with a shopping list with specific ingredients and snacks so you don't overbuy.
  2. Separate a couple of hours to cook your protein in large batches (such as pork loin, a lean pork cut) and a couple of carbohydrate or veggie options, such as brown rice or cauliflower, to create a balanced diet.

Villacorta believes people shouldn't dread homemade packed lunches – they should look forward to them. That's why he made this easy and healthy Pork Chop Sandwich recipe video to inspire people to be creative when it comes to meal prepping.

Moreover, Marina Chaparro, pediatric and diabetes expert, can help you improve your family's nutrition and craft tasty lunches that your kids will enjoy. Chaparro recommends:

  1. Adding variety – Include at least three food groups to ensure a balance of nutrients. Parents are encouraged to add a protein, such as pork, to each meal. Kids need protein to feel satisfied at school and support their body's development.
  2. Making school lunches fun – Kids eat with their eyes, so make their lunch appealing and interactive. Use lunch boxes with different dividers or add colorful cupcake molds to place whole grain chips or veggie dips.

Aside from these savvy tips, Chaparro also shares a Carnitas Style Pork Loin recipe that can be used for different meals during the week. You can create a tasty burrito, a BBQ sandwich or a wrap that kids would enjoy.

Even more meal inspiration can be drawn from Chef Doreen Colondres' Mediterranean Pork Bites recipe. This simple recipe is easy to pack and can serve as the perfect lunch meal.

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Source: National Pork Board