Marel is excited to introduce the new SK 14-430 Poultry Skinner.

This innovative machine is designed to remove skins from boneless butterfly chicken breasts, whole legs and thighs with the highest yields on the market and without the need for water.

Its technology and functionality is rooted in the original skinning concept created by Ray Townsend of Townsend Engineering in 1946. Pulling from those origins, the engineers at Marel have created a machine that meets the demands and surpasses expectations of the poultry skinning market.

The SK 14-430 is designed to produce high yields by making adjustments during the skinning process simple and easy. It produces a high-quality skin for secondary processes because it requires no water for the skinning process. Design aspects make maintenance and sanitation easy to perform on the SK 14-430. The cost of ownership, for this new poultry skinner, is approximately 1/3 of the competition.

Visit the Marel website to view the newest edition to the Marel product offerings and see how the SK 14-430 Poultry Skinner can be a solution for any inline or standalone poultry processing operation.

Main Benefits of the SK 14-430 Poultry Skinner:

  • No water used in the skinning process

  • Consistent high yields

  • High quality skins

  • Flexibility in machine adjustments

  • Low cost of ownership


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