Marel trimmerMarel is excited to introduce the new Townsend AT 21-620 Auto Trimmer for pork shoulders.

This innovative machine is the next evolution in a long line of successful pork butt trimmers. Improved technology and enhanced features allows the AT 21 to provide processors with improved yields, higher accuracy & reliability, increased throughput and a machine that is simple to operate.

Its functionality is rooted in the original skinning concept created by Ray Townsend of Townsend Engineering in 1946. Pulling from those origins, the engineers at Marel have created a machine that meets the demands and surpasses expectations of the pork market.

Visit the Marel website to view the newest edition to the Marel product offerings and see how the AT 21-620 can be a solution for your processing operation.

Main benefits of the new AT 21-610 Auto Trimmer:

  • Improved Yield of .01% back to carcass weight
  • Consistent and Reliable End Products
  • Simple to Operate
  • Higher Throughput Compared To Previous Models
  • Low cost of ownership

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