Urschel Laboratories Inc. announces the launching of a new English web site at www.urschel.com. The new site serves as an informative resource for food processors and processors in related industries to research the different cutting machines available for a wide range of product applications.

The new site reflects a global feel with a streamlined, clean look. The site structure contains large graphics and simple navigation. Urschel web sites in other languages will also undergo changes in navigation and overall look in the coming weeks.

Founded in 1910, Urschel Laboratories Inc. is an engineering-driven company that continues to partner with food processors worldwide to discover the best food cutting solutions. To see how Urschel can assist your company, contact: Urschel Laboratories, Inc., Email: info@urschel.com, Web: http://www.urschel.com, Phone: (219) 464-4811.