Food production and packaging lines today are designed to include labeling and printing equipment that will produce food safety markings that comply with current laws. For example, the law requires that a “best before” date be printed in a minimum character size and be clearly visible to the consumer. The METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision CLA 400 inspects and confirms that the line is producing the specified safety markings, and that printers on the line are functioning correctly. If a printer malfunctions, and the “best before” date is not placed on a package, or an incorrect or unreadable date is printed, the vision system will detect that and reject the item, so that every package leaving the facility will always be in compliance with the law.

The new CLA 400 is a part of the CLS series, which performs complete inspection of essential prints, labels and seals of packaged fresh foods to ensure that 100% of packaging is complete and correct. These systems handle small, medium and large product sizes, are designed to meet HACCP hygienic standards and incorporate an industry-leading easy-to-use human machine interface.

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