Hartley Ranch Angus Beef LLC of Austin, Texas is the first customer of Northern Beef Packers LP and will purchase 66% of its boxed beef production.

Hartley Ranch Angus Beef is owned and operated by the Hartley family, 6th generation Texas ranchers and registered Angus breeders. As Angus breeders, the Hartleys believe in the superior quality and consistency of genuine Angus cattle. Hartley Ranch uses AnguSure, a third party DNA verification test, to ensure the Angus heritage of their cattle. Hartley Ranch will buy local cattle in South Dakota and surrounding areas to be harvested at Northern Beef Packers and sell to supermarkets and food service distributors in the United States and international markets. They will also process natural Angus beef, working with area producers who raise cattle without the use of added hormones or antibiotics.

Northern Beef Packers, located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, began production on Wednesday October 17, 2012 and is the world’s most modern beef processing plant. The facility is 420,000 sq. ft. and at full production can harvest 1500 head per shift each day of the highest quality cattle the U.S. has to offer. The food safety standards used at Northern Beef Packers set the processor apart from the industry. The company also employs the humane handling design and instruction of Temple Grandin, the world-renowned animal welfare expert. Unlike any other packer, Northern Beef Packers produces safe, consistent, high-quality beef which makes them the ideal supplier for Hartley Ranch Genuine Angus Beef.

Justin Hartley, president of Hartley Ranch Angus Beef, LLC said, “Northern Beef Packers provides everything our customers demand in their product: DNA-verified Angus beef, state of the art food safety interventions, and age and source verified cattle. We are excited to begin processing cattle in the great state of South Dakota, where the quality of genuine Angus cattle is second to none.”

Source: Hartley Ranch Angus Beef LLC