In recognition of completing the second year of its On Our Way to Ending Hunger program, Hormel Foods Corp. announced that donations to hunger relief organizations throughout the United States and abroad totaled more than $3 million during its fiscal year 2012.

 The On Our Way to Ending Hunger program focuses on collaboration with retailers, nonprofit organizations and government agencies to address hunger relief, nourishing the hungry both domestically and internationally, as well as motivating individuals and corporate partners to also take action against hunger.

 “In 2012, we assisted several hunger relief organizations, provided food to areas hit by natural disasters, and donated to food banks and charities in our U.S. manufacturing communities as part of our On Our Way to Ending Hunger efforts,” said Julie H. Craven, vice president of corporate communications at Hormel Foods. “Additionally, we shipped 2.4 million cans of Spammy, a shelf-stable poultry product fortified with vitamins and minerals, to supplement the local diet of the malnourished in Guatemala.”

Addressing the needs of many Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy last October, Hormel Foods provided more than 110,000 Hormel Compleats microwave meals and 156,000 Hormel pizza toppings white chicken cuts to local Feeding America food banks. Last March, the company also donated 55,000 Hormel Compleats microwave meals and more than 11,000 cases of Hormel turkey pepperoni packs to Feeding America to aid in relief efforts following the tornados that devastated parts of Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Also working with Feeding America, Hormel Foods helped the efforts to fight hunger among children through a grant to the organization’s child hunger programs within their network. Through the grant, the company donated the equivalent of 1.3 million meals for children during the 2012-2013 school year.

 Using its strength as a global food producer, in 2008 Hormel Foods developed Spammy product to address malnutrition in Guatemala. The country has one of the highest poverty rates in Latin America and is in great need for food and other essential items for living. Working with its international partner, Food for the Poor, Hormel Foods shipped 2.4 million cans of Spammy product for individuals in need in fiscal year 2012.

Additionally, Hormel Foods donated $220,000 to local hunger relief organizations in more than 20 communities where it has U.S. manufacturing facilities.

 “Our community donations program allows employees to aid local hunger relief organizations and strengthen the communities where they live and work. In 2012, we expanded the program from 16 to more than 20 locations,” Craven said. “We are committed to relieving hunger, and we continue to support a number of organizations and initiatives working to achieve the same goal.

 Hormel Foods has a strong presence in Minnesota and Iowa and continued its partnership with Hunger-Free Minnesota and the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) in 2012. Hunger-Free Minnesota is a statewide coalition of community and corporate organizations aimed at closing the “missing meals” gap in Minnesota. DMARC is an interfaith organization that provides a common means of responding to basic human needs and serves as a liaison between member congregations to accomplish good in the Greater Des Moines community.

Source: Hormel Foods Corp.