GEA FreezerGEA Refrigeration Technologies introduced its HVF-Freezer (High Velocity Freezer) at the International Poultry Expo (IPE) in Atlanta. The HVF is an innovative and improved freezer concept basing upon existing impingement freezer technology.

Impingement freezers apply to freezing of hamburgers and other flat products, as well as for crust freezing or set freezing of various food products. GEA’s new HVF freezer uses a new uniquely designed high velocity air jets to quickly reduce the outer layer temperature of food by breaking the insulating boundary layer, allowing the surface to be frozen very quickly. This effect allows the product to freeze faster than in conventional freezer and thus minimizing dehydration losses.

The benefits to food processors include higher quality food products as the result of less cellular damage, improved capacity with more than 10% – 15% than existing impingement freezers, higher yield, longer shelf life of food, and faster freezing time.

“GEA brought plenty of time and development work for improving the freezing dynamics to produce better results, increasing yield and allowing for faster and more complete freezing while using less energy. We’ve taken the impingement concept to a new level of quality and performance, while also incorporating GEA’s trademark hygienic features, including fully welded seams, sloped floor, and more,” said Robert Laflamme, President of GEA Refrigeration Canada Inc.