Provisur Technologies Inc., a leading global provider of high performance food processing equipment, announced that its Formax Paper manufacturing plant has received a high recognition of achievement for fulfilling the requirements of AIB International’s Consolidated Standards for Food-Contact Packaging. Formax Paper’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant produces one of the industry’s largest selections of custom papers using high quality raw materials and unique capabilities to produce a superior product.

Provisur’s Formax Paper operation pursued its second third-party certification of its quality and hygiene practices. After a period of designing and implementing best practices, the second third-party audit was completed in February 2013. Provisur’s Paper Plant facility was awarded an outstanding score of 985 points out of a possible 1,000 putting Provisur in the top 10 percent of all companies audited.

“AIB International’s requirements are recognized by food companies as a measure of world-class programs, and Provisur is pleased to have fulfilled their rigorous standards for safety. We are closing in on perfection and the team is committed to doing all they can to provide clean, safe products for our customers,” commented Melissa Jordan, Operations Manager, Paper Products for Provisur Technologies.