During IFFA 2013 (4-8 May in Frankfurt), Multivac will be offering exhibition visitors five practical seminars daily on various technical and legal aspects of packaging meat products. The seminars are aimed at both hand producers and industrial-scale processors.

Organized under the name of the 'Multivac Academy', Multivac has put together a training program on current issues surrounding the packaging of meat products. The practical seminars in German and English will take place from Saturday to Wednesday in the Portal House (Level C, Focus Room) at the Exhibition Center, and they will each last approx. 60 minutes. The Multivac Academy is supported by Air Liquide Deutschland and the State Technical College for Meat Technology in Kulmbach.

Five practical seminars
The seminars are dedicated to various topics, which are relevant to the packaging of meat products. Reinhard Ruhland, Manager of Multivac's Innovation Center, will be giving a lecture in the mornings from 10:00 to 11:00 on the different aspects, which have to be taken into consideration when selecting a suitable packaging material. These include among other things the nature of the product to be packed, the desired packaging procedure and the required distribution channel.

Dr. Florian Kugler from Air Liquide Deutschland will be describing from 11:00 to 12:00 the relevant inert gases, which are used for the production of MAP packs, and he will be explaining their relevance for extending the shelf life of meat products. In addition to this, the participants at the seminars will also get to learn about the different supply concepts for small and industrial-scale processors.

Thomas Eberle, Technical Manager at the State Technical College for Meat Technology in Kulmbach, will be giving information between 12:00 and 13:00 on the various legal aspects of the packaging procedure, such as hygiene laws, labeling laws and packaging regulations.

Alexander Kult, Product Manager for Traysealers, and Natalie Schmid, Product Manager for Thermoforming Packaging Machines, will be presenting from 13:00 onwards suitable packaging technologies from Multivac for hand producers and industrial-scale processors.

Dr. Tobias Richter, Manager for HPP and Applied Packaging Solutions at Multivac, will be explaining from 15:00 to 16:00 daily the technology of high-pressure processing (HPP). Multivac holds several patents in this area. Multivac has succeeded with this technology in integrating high-pressure processing in automated packaging lines, and even in applying the HPP treatment to MAP packs.