It’s a numbers game: in three steps, feed a family of four starting at $10 in 15 minutes or less. That was the challenge Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, gave Tyson Foods, which led to new Mix & Match Creations meal options, available in the freezer section at select Walmart stores beginning September 20. 

Mix & Match Creationsproducts allow consumers to create customized meals made by combining one of five premium Tyson proteins, one of eight family sized servings of frozen Birds Eye vegetables and/or starch, and one of six Tyson Bistro Flavors complementing sauces that tie meals together in a delicious, satisfying way. There are 76 unique meal combination possibilities to meet changing appetites and keep dinner interesting for the entire family.

“Some people think making a sit-down meal for their family takes a lot of time for planning, purchasing and preparing,” said Louis Gottsponer, senior vice president frozen value-added meals for Tyson Foods. “But Mix & Match Creations products allow families to make satisfying meals quickly, easily and inexpensively.”

The layout of the freezer display case for Mix & Match Creations products and color-coded packaging (red for meat, blue for sides and green for sauces) take the guesswork out of dinner planning. Meals such as Sautéed Beef with Bourbon Peppercorn sauce and Mixed Vegetables or Breaded Chicken served with White Rice with an Orange Teriyaki Glaze are as easy as 1 -2 -3.

Between football practices, choir and city work commitments, most families spend less and less time at the dinner table enjoying a meal together. With a prep time of about 15 minutes for most meals, Mix & Match Creations options will help families eat better, for less money, and allow more time for enjoying each other’s company. 

Mix & Match Creationsproducts were developed with the help of Tyson Foods’ team of executive chefs. Recipe cards will be available at the freezer case to offer ideas, or consumers can visit,  To determine if Mix & Match Creations products are available at a particular Walmart store, consumers can visit the locater map at

“Innovative meals are part of our DNA,” said Gottsponer. “We love the idea of helping families eat better while giving them more time to spend together. We think Mix & Match Creations products do both of those things well.”

Source: Tyson Foods Inc.