Formax bladeAt the direct point of contact with the product, a slicing blade can truly impacts yield and giveaway. Formax’s PowerMax blade technology is pivotal to accuracy, consistency, slice quality and efficiency.

Formax blades are made from a high chromium alloy that goes through a 14-step manufacturing process designed to provide significant overall blade life. Formax's blade materials and technology allow blades to keep their edge longer with less likelihood of cracking and shattering – and, because they last longer, they are more cost efficient.

Formax’s customized blade grinding equipment produces a range of blade profiles, angles and edge serrations. Before installation, Formax technicians test an assortment of blades in different combinations to determine the optimum blade for a processor’s specific application.

Processors also have the option of having coatings applied to the surface of the blade to slice sticky or otherwise-challenging products.

By combining solid construction and innovative design, PowerMax blade technologies from Formax can lead to a 25% increase in productivity and up to a 2% increase in yields. Wear life can be boosted by more than two years, depending on the application.

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