Rome Reclaim SystemIn the never ending quest to gain high production yields with minimal waste, eliminating excessive labor costs and product handling, keeping quality product texture, definition and color in your product; ROME LTD has found a solution. Introducing the ROME LTD Reclaim System (RRS), the best invention since the grinder. The RRS has been an idea of ROME LTD’s Design Team for several years. President Mike Weaver has had his design team members research all existing systems to determine the most effective and efficient system available. Over the last year team members have worked to come up with a bone collection and reclaim system in 1 simple design. “

After years of R&D, the team started to actively pursue the RRS and within the last year has developed a system that solves the bone collecting and reclaiming of product for processors in 1 easy to use system”, says Weaver.

The RRS is a 2 in 1 Bone Collection and Reclaim System that gives your production team 100% batch control by placing the reclaimed product into the same conveyor line or combo while exhausting true waste into a separate receptacle. Among the benefits of batch control, you’re able to eliminate excess handling and labor costs of moving product requiring additional reclaim grinding helping you to save money and utilize production workers for other tasks.

With a keep it simple design philosophy, the RRS is able to be set up in less than 5 minutes. With fewer pieces than other options in the market place, assembly is lightening fast. The entire system is able to be disassembled and sanitized eliminating the potential for bacteria growth. Following all of the AMI/3A Guidelines ROME LTD has taken all risks of bacteria growth out of the equation.

Unprecedented reclaim product color and definition through the RRS matches the product that passes through the primary plate. Unlike competitor’s options, smearing and temperature rise is no longer a concern. Smearing and temperature rise comes from product that is idle between initial grinding and reclaim grinding causing potential bacteria growth and product contamination from mixing multiple batches into a secondary grinder. With the RRS’s coaxial design, your product never has to sit idle or wait for a second grinder to capture reclaim product.

The RRS does not require an additional power source, motor, electrical wiring or complicated mounting configurations. All of this adds to the most cost effective bone collection and reclaim system on the market allowing you to take control of your waste and your bottom line.

To learn more about the benefits of the RRS or to schedule a demo, contact ROME LTD at 1-800-443-0557 or visit