Poultry processor Koch Foods announced it is planning a $20 million expansion in its Alabama facilities that could create about 150 jobs and generate almost $6 million in income for local chicken farmers. The company plans to expand its chicken production operations in Calhoun, Randolph, Cleburne, Clay and St. Clair counties, reports the Anniston Star. The expansion was made possible through a partnership with state officials and agencies, which will provide $108,000 in federally-required environmental waste management plans for area chicken farmers involved in the expansion.

Keith Martin, live operations manager for Koch Foods, said the environmental waste management plans were needed for every area chicken farm associated with the company before any expansion efforts could begin. Koch's expansion calls for the contruction of between 120 and 150 chicken houses.

"By law, a comprehensive nutrient management plan is required before the farmer can get a loan to construct a chicken house," Martin said. "They are specialized plans for every farm and they indicate how everything on that farm is handled - from dead birds to taking soil samples."

Koch Foods’ expansion began in Alabama in 2012 and will continue into 2014.

Source: Anniston Star