Rudy Koelewyn, a seven-year veteran of the Weber North American sales team, has been named to the position of Managing Director of Textor Inc., Guenther Weber’s latest entrepreneurial venture into slicing technology. The newly created company, based in Wolfertschwenden, Germany is a sister company of Weber, the world’s largest supplier of slicers to the meat and cheese processing industries.

According to Norbert Muehlich, Interim President of Weber Inc, Kansas City, MO, “Textor is a company independent from Weber, with its own design engineers, production team and a separate production facility just completed in Germany. The slicing solutions they unveiled at IFFA this past May, are intended to complement Weber’s lineup of highly flexible and automated machinery, providing processors of all sizes with affordable alternatives not available anywhere else in the marketplace.”

Muehlich says that Koelewyn will have complete responsibility for introducing the new line of Textor slicing equipment to North America. “We expect this new technology to bring even more processors into the ‘Weber family’ with slicers intended to provide simple, efficient and hygienic performance on all standard applications while also reducing both floor space and initial investment requirements.”

Koelewyn has spent more than a decade in the meat and cheese slicing industry and has spent the past seven years serving customers in the eastern United States. “Any Weber customers who have been served by Rudy during his tenure at Weber already know that Textor customers will be in good hands,” says Muehlich. “His technical knowledge and decade of applications experience in the arenas of smaller processors and co-packers uniquely qualifies Rudy for this exciting new opportunity.”

Weber also announced that experienced Weber sales team veterans Scott Knowlton in the western territory of the U.S. and Terry Albrecht in the eastern states will now serve customers previously served by Koelewyn.

“Together,” says Muehlich, “they will continue to help our customers get the most from their existing Weber investments and assist with new opportunities, as well.”

Processors can contact the company by visiting, calling (816)-880-9200, or by email at