Reiser Vemag Alginate Sausage Casing LineReiser has introduced the new Vemag Alginate Line for producing sausages in alginate casings. Alginate casings are a cost effective alternative to more expensive natural casings and collagen casings, and can significantly lower sausage production costs.

Alginate is a gel obtained from algae. It is a natural product and purely vegetable-based. The alginate encapsulates the sausage in a transparent skin, allowing the product to remain visible. It imparts a good texture and a pleasant mouth-feel. After curing, it feels perfectly cool and dry. It does not soften again, even when exposed to hot water.

The Vemag Alginate Line is ideal for the production of fresh sausage links, breakfast sausage, and long smoked sausages and snack sticks. Alginate casings have an exceptional ability to retain the aroma of smoke, making them perfectly suited for smoked products. It also allows for the production of a purely vegetarian sausage.

The Vemag Alginate Line is a coextrusion system and consists of two Vemag stuffers – one to portion the sausage meat, the other to pump the alginate. Both meat and alginate are delivered to the CC215 coextrusion head where the meat is encased in an alginate casing of uniform thickness. Upon exit from the coextrusion head, the alginate-encased sausage is sprayed with a calcium chloride solution to immediately begin the curing process of the alginate. The CC215 then divides the sausage strand into individual links or discharges it to a hanging line.

The CC215 features extra-long dividing belts to ensure cleanly divided sausages with portioning rates of up to 800 pieces per minute. It can produce sausages with diameters ranging from 10 - 32 mm. The thickness of the alginate casing is highly accurate, ensuring a uniform product with a consistent cost.

The Vemag CC215 is suitable for use with all alginate gel brands.

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