Reiser Lucky LinkerReiser has introduced the new LUCKY LINKER by Vemag, a small, economical sausage stuffer developed for processors with low production requirements. The LUCKY LINKER by Vemag includes everything needed for sausage production: the stuffer with a built-in linker, a built-in portioner, a casing holder, one linker horn set and one straight filling horn.

The LUCKY LINKER by Vemag is extremely versatile and produces all types of sausage in natural, collagen or cellulose casings. The LUCKY LINKER by Vemag can produce everything from small diameter meat sticks and cocktail wieners to fresh sausage, bratwurst and franks to pepperoni, salami and large diameter chubs… and anything in between.

The LUCKY LINKER by Vemag features a powerful, positive displacement double-screw pump that provides the highest level of portioning accuracy and smear-free stuffing. The double-screw transports product extremely gently and without product degradation -- important for products containing large pieces. The virtually friction-free conveying of the product for stuffing guarantees gram accurate weight portioning. The double screws are made from stainless steel, ensuring long life and exact-weight portioning. The entire pumping system is built with corrosion-free materials.

The LUCKY LINKER by Vemag has a one-piece hopper with a 45 liter / 100 lb. capacity, perfect for processors who produce a variety of sausages in small batches. It is easy to set up and operate. An intuitive touch-screen controller stores all settings. The machine is designed for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene. Its small footprint allows it to fit in tight areas.

The LUCKY LINKER by Vemag is built to the same robust standards of the larger Vemag Robot 500 and HP-E Series stuffers. It features a filling rate of up to 4,400 lbs./hour.

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