The Meyn mLogic distribution manager M5.0 is the fifth generation of the Meyn weighing computer and gives the operator full control of the production process on a very detailed level. The distribution manager M5.0 can analyze both pre- and post chill bird weights to control the sorting and cut up lines to optimize product logistics. Selective by-passes per bird in the cut up system further aid in getting the right type of product on the right location at the right time.

New with the mLogic:

• Production preview – full insight in current production
The all-new absolute encoders allow you to track and store the bird information through the longest chilling lines, production stops and even overnight breaks. On demand creation of the production preview ensures that the information is always up to date and gives the operator full insight in the current production.

• Farm to fork tracking – complete control on a very detailed level
The shackle accurate tracking means all sorts of information (flock ID, veterinary inspection results, etc) can be connected to the individual bird. With this information an optimized production and a better control over the quality of the incoming product can be obtained. The signal can also be send to third party systems to allow for a more accurate recall management.

• Intuitive user interface – Graphical user interface for ease of use
Applying MS office like controls make for an easy to understand and intuitive interface which gives direct visual confirmation of data validity and omissions. Several distribution managers can be controlled from one central location and the freely configurable user levels five full flexibility over the different operator levels.

The Meyn mLogic distribution manager M5.0 uses the latest industrial grade components to deliver an extremely reliable system in processing environments. Next to this, an innovative cabling system minimizes the amount of cabling in the factory and substantially reduces the installation and error finding process. A complete modular set-up allows for easy expansion in the future.

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