San Luis Sausage has introduced two new mango varieties of all-natural, preservative- and gluten-free chicken sausage to its gourmet line.


Available through wholesale, Mango Jalapeño Chicken and Mango Chicken Breakfast Sausages are blended with the unique flavor of juicy mangoes and spices that will liven up any meal. The Mango Jalapeño Chicken Sausage combines hand-mixed spices, cilantro and ginger puree with the sweetness of mango and the bite of jalapeño to create a diverse mix of sweet and spicy flavors. The Mango Chicken Breakfast Sausage is filled with whole cuts of premium chicken, mango puree and a hand-mixed blend of sage, nutmeg and cinnamon, creating a savory flavor to enhance any breakfast dish.
The new flavors will appeal to the growing number of consumers with gluten intolerance and also to those looking for a healthy sausage choice. The Mango Chicken Jalapeño Sausage can be prepared in a number of ways and added to a variety of dishes, including: whole, accompanied with fresh vegetables, sliced to give kick to a kabob or out of the casing as a new twist on gourmet tacos or even chili. The hint of cinnamon and nutmeg in the Mango Chicken Breakfast Sausage could complement a plate of classic cinnamon French toast and Bellini, or as a healthy side to a classic egg scramble and Bloody Mary.