Deli Star Corporation produces high quality cooked meats for America’s fine sandwich makers, protein salad makers and food service personnel. Food and Drink Resources (FDR) collaborates with many of the nation’s top restaurant chains, leading contract management and lodging companies, along with the airline and cruise industries. Deli Star has partnered with FDR to expand their customer base with major Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’s), national chain restaurants and Chef Partnerships.

“Partnering with FDR is giving Deli Star an opportunity to quickly get in front of large national chain restaurants along with new Research and Development opportunities” says Kevin Schwartz, Director of Sales at Deli Star Corporation. “FDR allows us to expedite the sales cycle and start building respectful business relationships.”

President Justin Siegel is excited about the opportunity. “I’m confident and happy with the partnership with FDR. It develops our core business model and show cases our talent to the meat industry.” For further information on FDR resources visit their website at

Deli Star continues to have a strong focus on food safety, research and development and customer service. Deli Star is committed to providing the taste, quality and service that their customers expect and deserve. For more information please visit their website at

Source: Deli Star Corporation