Chad Equipment LLC, a Birko company, announced the introduction of its patent-pending WaterSmart for use in protein harvesting and processing operations. WaterSmart reduces water usage in carcass, head and tripe wash cabinets.

“Water has always been an important ingredient in harvest and processing, but with today’s epic drought conditions, it’s become more precious and expensive than ever,” said Mike Gangel, President of Chad Equipment. “We want to help our industry save water and control costs with the introduction of WaterSmart.”

Chad has been creating cutting edge harvesting and processing technology for over 30 years. Their patented recirculated hot water pasteurization system cut water usage by up to 90%.

“WaterSmart provides a sustainable and profitable advantage by dramatically reducing water usage,” Gangel said. “In controlled tests we conducted, WaterSmart reduced water consumption 30% to 40%.”

Chad Equipment, LLC, a Birko company, manufactures USDA-approved washing and pasteurizing equipment for meat harvesting and processing operations, as well as chemical dispensing systems, and antimicrobial mixing and spraying conveyors. Chad also provides ongoing service and support for its harvesting and processing equipment. Chad is an industry leader in the patented recirculated hot water pasteurization system and the patented oscillating action wash system for high and low pressure processing applications. The company also pioneered the concepts of washing beef carcasses before evisceration, pasteurizing red meat carcasses and washing viscera tables and viscera pans using brushes and sprays.

Birko is a leading provider of food safety solutions to the meat, produce and beverage industries. Birko manufactures concentrated chemical formulations used in plant cleaning and sanitation, as well as antimicrobial interventions used to reduce pathogens from the manufacturing process of food. Birko’s equipment division, Chad Equipment, LLC, designs and manufactures chemical dispensing systems and state-of-the-art washing systems as well as equipment used for food safety protection in meat and produce processing. Founded in 1953, Birko is ISO 9001 certified. It is also a WBENC Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and was awarded Supplier of the Century by the National Meat Association.

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