Arcos Dorados announced plans to further raise its leadership in animal welfare in its supply chain. The company announced it will require its pork suppliers to submit documented plans within two years to limit the use of gestation crates for sows with plans for alternative group housing.

By the end of 2016, all pork procured by Arcos Dorados, the largest McDonald´s franchisee in Latin America, will be sourced by producers that can demonstrate documented plans to promote group housing for their sows. To achieve this, Arcos Dorados is working very closely with producers, suppliers and other stakeholders to assess how to support producers migrating to group housing systems.

“We have great relationships and confidence in our suppliers, with a shared commitment to leading animal welfare practices," said Horacio Sbrolla, Vice President of Supply Chain at Arcos Dorados Latin America. The goal was developed with input from its suppliers, pork producers, animal welfare experts and McDonald´s US.

The move in Latin America follows the commitment by McDonald´s US to end the use of gestation stalls in its supply chain by 2022. Elissa Lane, deputy director of Humane Society International (HSI) Farm Animals, said, “Arcos Dorados’ announcement is important and promising. We support efforts to phase in group housing for sows, and look forward to working closely with Arcos Dorados in the coming years to improve animal welfare.”

Dr. Temple Grandin, renowned animal welfare scientist at Colorado State University and member of McDonald's Animal Welfare Council, said, "This first step will impact 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The timeline that Arcos Dorados has outlined will encourage research and identify better group housing alternatives, while ensuring higher standards of animal welfare. It is only a first step, but a first step in the right direction. I commend Arcos Dorados for leading in Latin America on this issue."

Source: Arcos Dorados