In a show of support for unsung bacons everywhere, Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon announced a campaign to get Emmy-Award-winning composer Michael Bacon the most Twitter followers in the Bacon family.

While both Michael Bacon and Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon have many great qualities, they are often overshadowed by other well-known members of their respective bacon families. Now they're teaming up to do something about it.

"Did you know that I'm the only Bacon to have won an Emmy, and yet some people only associate the Bacon name with other members of my family," says Michael Bacon. "The folks at Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon understand that I'm just as much of a Bacon, just like Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon has 50 percent less fat than pork bacon, but all of the smoky, meaty deliciousness."

Michael Bacon's goal is to surpass his family members on Twitter by adding 430,000 followers on the social network by July 12. He will campaign for unsung bacons everywhere through a series of interesting facts, photos and videos that will be shared through his Twitter account and at In addition to the video, consumers can interact directly with Michael Bacon during a Reddit AMA later this month.

Oscar Mayer Turkey Baconelected to work with Michael Bacon on this project, as the brand often feels the same challenges with its well-known counterpart, Oscar Mayer Bacon.

"We really feel for Michael, and we want to support him as much as possible," said Tom Bick, senior director of integrated marketing and advertising at Oscar Mayer. "You just have to embrace each one for its own individual qualities. And that's what we do with our entire line of bacon products – each one is spectacular, because it's made by the bacon experts at Oscar Mayer."

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon features 50 percent less fat than USDA data for pork bacon. It is also made with 100 percent turkey that is prepared in a unique double-smoked process. As a brand that has more than 90 years of bacon-making history, its turkey bacon holds all the accolades of the Oscar Mayer bacon brand.

To learn more about Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon and Michael Bacon, please visit Bacon fans can also find a full listing of Oscar Mayer bacon product offerings and more at

Source: Kraft Foods Group Inc.