The Meat Industry Hall of Fame has announced the results of voting by its more than 70 Members and Trustees, in which six new Inductees were named to the Class of 2014.

Each year, the Members and the Hall’s Board of Trustees choose a new class of Inductees from among more than 75 nominations submitted by participants across all sectors of red meat and poultry production, processing, marketing and research. The Class of 2014 is the sixth group of industry leaders to be inducted.

Here are the new Members of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame, Class of 2104:

  • J. Patrick Boyle, President and CEO of American Meat Institute for nearly 25 years, he helped lead the meat industry through crises such as the discovery of BSE in the American cattle herd and such important milestones as the implementation of HACCP systems and the industrywide adoption of advanced animal welfare standards.
  • Melvin C. Hunt, Ph.D., A professor at Kansas State University’s Animal Science and Industry department since 1975, Hunt is a distinguished researcher in meat safety and quality, including groundbreaking studies on case-ready packaging and low-fat formulations, and an honored classroom teacher at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.
  • James Marsden, Ph.D., Regents Distinguished Professor of Food Safety and Security at Kansas State University and Senior Science Advisor for the North American Meat Association, Dr. Marsden has been one of the industry’s most important voices advocating for food safety, a tireless proponent for industry adoption of anti-microbial technology, and a leading presenter at numerous industry meetings devoted to food safety issues.
  • Graeme Goodsir, a writer, analyst and publishing executive over his long career, Goodsir has fostered a global outlook and perspective of U.S. meat and poultry organizations and institutions, and his unique perspective on industry issues and trends is highly respected by both colleagues and competitors.
  • Zerle Carpenter, Ph.D., has spent 35 years as a Professor of Animal Science at Texas A&M University and noted, among many distinguished accomplishments, for his leadership in helping conduct the foundational research that led to the establishment of USDA’s official grades of beef, pork and lamb. The value of U.S. livestock produced in the United States is based on this research and established U.S. meat products as the world standard.
  • Steve Kay, Editor and Publisher of Cattle Buyers Weekly since its inception in 1987, is recognized as an authoritative yet impartial analyst of the North American meat and livestock industry as well as a talented journalist who has been widely quoted in national newspapers and news magazines, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Business Week.

“For the men and women in the industry, these Inductees are not only familiar names but people who embody the best of the business,” said Chuck Jolley, Meat Industry Hall of Fame Co-Founder and President. “These are leaders whose careers — and contributions — have made a difference for their organizations, their communities and for the industry they helped advance. We are proud to welcome them into the Hall.”

Formed in 2008, the Meat Industry Hall of Fame is a repository of meat, poultry and livestock history and a celebration of the industry leaders whose business excellence, scientific prowess and community service have enhanced the legacy of America’s leading food-industry sector. To date, the Hall has inducted 73 distinguished industry leaders from among animal agriculture, meat and poultry processing, supplier companies, academia and retail and foodservice operators.

Source: Meat Industry Hall of Fame