Ashworth Bros ConveyorThe Omni-Flex 3 x 1 expands an already outstanding line of belts first introduced 55 years ago. The new Omni-Flex 3 x 1 belt with its nominal 3-inch by 1-inch opening is ideal for conveying pans, trays and larger products in spiral cooling, freezing and general conveyance applications.

By creating an Omni-Flex belt with 3 inch by 1 inch openings, Ashworth has effectively reduced the overall weight of the belt by 35% without making any additional changes to the proven Omni-Flex belt design. The reduction in belt weight makes this a more economical alternative for conveying products in pans, trays, and other bulk containers in applications where Omni-Flex belts or similar style flex belts with smaller openings have been traditionally used. The belt is available in widths up to 48" ­– with even wider widths available after a system review. The Omni-Flex 3 x 1 belt is the ideal belt for applications where belt weight has limited one’s ability to increase product loading. 

Since Ashworth retained the original design of the Omni-Flex belt, no sprocket changes or transfer modifications are required when replacing an existing Omni-Flex belt with the new Omni-Flex 3 x 1 belt. In hard to clean applications, the increased opening makes this belt easier to clean; thus reducing sanitation cost. Similar flex style belts often require a change in sprockets and transfer modifications that can lead to increased retrofit cost.

The development of the Omni-Flex 3 x 1 belt was prompted by customer requests for a lighter, less costly belt to cool, proof and freeze panned, trayed or larger products directly on the belt. Ashworth’s Omni-Flex line of stainless steel belts has been a mainstay in the baking industry since it was first introduced in 1959.

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