For the third time in 29 years, the National Lamb Feeders Association (NFLA) is bringing the annual Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School to Dixon, California this week, to be hosted by Superior Farms.

Tom Watson, long-time organizer for the event through NLFA said, “We have 36 attendees this year and it’s very diverse. The objective of the school is leadership and involvement, so that people have an educated voice. Unless you’re involved, you’re out of the loop.”

Watson, former president of Superior Farms Livestock and former board member, was with the company for 37 years. He owns and operates Silverdale Farms Ranch in Oregon with his wife Karin.

Coordinating efforts on behalf of Superior Farms is Dr. Melissa VanLaningham, the company’s on-site veterinarian and an alum of the school.

“This year’s theme is “Discovering The Fifth Primal”, said VanLaningham, “which is everything other than shoulder, loin, rack, and leg primal cuts. Superior Farms is involved in wool, casings, pelts, rendering, offal and pet food; therefore, we’re in a great position to give a broader view of the livestock that attendees may be raising and where it goes after it leaves the farm.”

Watson said, “The “Discovering The Fifth Primal” theme is great. It’s really what the original schools were all about. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

This year’s program size was increased from 26 to 36 due to the very high level of interest.  Anyone in the industry interested in applying for next year’s program can apply through the NLFA office – irrespective of the size of their operations.

Guests from around the country arrived Sunday for registration and will attend various classes, store visits, plant tours, and enjoy delicious lamb products as part of their meals. “Superior Farms feels privileged to host this year’s event and exchange ideas in order to expand the industry,” said VanLaningham. “It’s a great opportunity for us to hear from producers on all levels.”

Source: Superior Farms