Avure Technologies announced that the company's Senior VP of Sales, Matt Rutherford, has decided to retire August 1, 2014. Rutherford’s decision to retire will bring to a close a remarkable career of 12 years of continuous service to the company. He will be succeeded by Patrick Ditchfield.

"Matt Rutherford has been a very strong leader, and one who has managed the company through flourishing times and expanding global markets," said Jeff Williams, CEO. "The company is grateful for his innumerable contributions to the growth of this company and his distinguished tenure as VP Sales over the last twelve years."

“I have always marveled at the reputation that Avure has earned over the past twelve years,” Rutherford said. “But I would like to reiterate the word ’earn.’ We have all worked hard to achieve the unthinkable: to establish ourselves as one of the most innovative thought leaders in the HPP arena. I look forward to working with Patrick and the management team during the transition period, continuing to be available as an advisor to management after retiring, and watching as Avure endeavors to hold its leadership position in the HPP industry"

During Rutherford’s tenure as VP of Sales from 2002 to the present, Avure Technologies’ combined annual sales grew from $21 million to $130 million. Avure Technologies has experienced unprecedented growth and interest in the food and beverage markets, as well as within the science community, for High Pressure Processing as producers and scientists seek to develop foods and beverages with longer shelf life, greater health benefits, fresher taste, and free of pathogens.

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