A year after the introduction of the MeatMaster II, we are proud to present the MeatMaster II Morphometry, for automatic sorting of pork bellies giving meat producers new opportunities to obtain unique levels of accuracy for fat analysis and the best  possible yield from the production process.  

X-ray better than human eye
For producing pork bellies, the X-ray technology of the MeatMaster measures the fat content, weight and the dimensions of the belly. This gives an objective measurement of the average length, width and thickness of the pork bellies that is more consistent than the traditional assessment by the human eye, leading to improved sorting and higher value output worth around three cents/lb.

Scanning up to 50 pork bellies per minute, the MeatMaster II forms the heart of a highly effective sorting solution. The data from the MeatMaster scan is used to control a drop-down system for pre-defined sorting classes. The sorting function is based on a FOSS developed software solution. Additionally, each pork belly is simultaneously scanned for foreign objects such as bone fragments to help improve product quality and to protect expensive slicing machinery.

Learn more about this solution at http://www.foss.us/meat to learn more.