Five leading fast food chains in China, including several of the companies that were affected by the Shanghai Husi expired meat scandal, have voluntarily published details of their suppliers, following a request from Shanghai authorities. Reuters reports that McDonald’s, Yum Brands Inc., Burger King, Dicos and Carl’s Jr. were asked by the Municipal Food and Drug Administration to publish that information as part of efforts to strengthen oversight of food suppliers.

The five firms were among a range of companies that were supplied meat by Shanghai Husi Food, a unit of U.S.-based OSI Group LLC, which was alleged by a TV report to have improperly handled meat and used expired food. The Shanghai authority said the companies published the information on Aug. 9.

Details published on Yum's Chinese website showed it had 26 suppliers that provided it with products such as chicken pieces and shortening, while McDonald's issued supplier lists according to items such as beef patties and frozen chicken wings.

Source: Reuters