Tipper Tie studentsThis is already the 7th occasion on which students of the state Fachschule für Lebensmitteltechnik Kulmbach (Lemitec) have been guests of TIPPER TIE in Flawil as part of their course to qualify as state certified food technicians. The well-known manufacturer of processing and packaging machines for the food and meat processing industry has been supporting this vocational school since 2007. This commitment started with a bowl cutter sponsored for educational and development purposes and continued with the provision of the corresponding (fully automatic) clip closure technology. Since 2008, TIPPER TIE has also been offering a day of practical experience every year.

“We know from our own experience how important well-qualified technicians are for the success of a company,” said Shelly Ryder, Marketing Manager at TIPPER TIE. “That is why we are happy to give in-depth support.”

Twenty-five students took part in this year’s factory visit, which included a tour of the factory and machine presentations, together with equipment assembly and dismantling. Various clip machines were presented, as were the new TTChop bowl cutter series and the SwiStick suspension line.

Thomas Eberle, head of the Department of Meat Technology at Lemitec, is enthusiastic. “Thanks to TIPPER TIE, our practical-based qualification has gained another important building block. The company provides us with excellent support in presenting modern machine technology and industrial procedures to our students in an exciting and informative way.”

TIPPER TIE is a worldwide supplier of processing and packaging machines. With a long history in the meat and poultry industries, TIPPER TIE is also active in baked goods, produce, nuts, food ingredients and pet food. Outside of food, the company is a trusted partner to manufacturers of packaged explosives, adhesives, sealants and other industrial products. TIPPER TIE is part of the Refrigeration and Food Equipment segment of Dover Corporation.