Doc’s Amazing is happy to announce that three of their most popular chicken sausages have earned the Heart Check Mark of the American Heart Association (AHA). Doc's Amazing Low Fat Chicken Italian, Low Fat Chicken Apple, and Low Fat El Chipotle Chicken Sausage are all officially certified heart healthy foods.  You can now find them at Whole Foods Markets in Northern California.

To earn the AHA Heart Check Mark—which makes it easy to identify heart-healthy foods in the grocery store—a portion of food weighing 100 grams must contain less than 5 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, and 0.5 grams of trans fat. That amounts to less than 95 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams and less than 480 milligrams of sodium per serving. Additionally, the product must provide at least 10% of the recommended daily value of a nutrient such as protein. You will find this information in detail at   

Sausages are generally not heart healthy for obvious reasons—pork sausages are usually 20-30% fat and the average chicken sausage is about 15% fat. Sausages are also traditionally high in sodium. According to conventional wisdom, sausages would be dry and tasteless without all that fat and sodium.

Doc's Amazing has challenged the conventional wisdom of the sausage industry and found a way to dramatically lower fat content and calories by as much as 90%, compared to other sausages while retaining great taste and juiciness.  By reducing fat so dramatically, calories in Doc’s Amazing sausages are a lot lower than other chicken sausages, and are much lower than those in traditional pork sausages. Doc’s Amazing chicken sausages have about 70 calories and 2.5 g fat per fully cooked 2-ounce link. 

Only the best quality chicken is used, hand trimmed of all visible fat to their specifications. They use no scraps, no skin and no added fat. The result is juicy sausage with great flavor and low fat.  When so many people said "Amazing!" upon tasting the sausages and finding out how low in fat they were, it seemed only right to call them . . . Amazing!  

Most shoppers—especially Whole Foods customers—don't have to think too long about replacing a high-calorie food with a low-calorie alternative when the alternative tastes as good if not better than the fatty one. 

Crafting delicious and healthy food in the same kettle was not an accident or marketing idea for the founders of Doc’s Amazing. They are carrying on a multigenerational family tradition of "Old World" sausage making and a passion for an artisanal approach to food. They insist that all ingredients are natural and gluten-free. Please visit for additional information.  Doc's Amazing uses only chicken certified by the Global Animal Partnership with their high standards for care including living cage free in an enriched environment. 

Source: Doc’s Amazing