Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail — especially those who leave the house without a bag of Jack Link’s Jerky. Major, debilitating snack time hunger is something we’ve all experienced. Everyone knows that hangry feeling that comes from having hunger to the point of being angry — debilitating hunger. But when do those untamed Hangry Moments strike and who is most likely to have one? Read on for the warning signs, and remember knowledge is power. 

Jack Link’s recently commissioned an actual survey by Research Now in order to better protect each of us when Hangry Moments strike and to better understand how Jack Link’s meets Americans’ never-ending need for satisfying snacks by helping them Feed Their Wild Side™.

“We need all eyes (and stomachs) to remain vigilant in order to keep America safe. Be ever on the alert and immediately locate a bag of protein-packed Jack Link’s to stave off potential snacking disaster,” said Kevin Papacek, director of marketing, Jack Link’s Jerky. “There’s no better way to prevent bouts of hangry than by literally feeding your wild side. A hangry attack demands a real protein snack like Jack Link’s; snacks like nuts, granola bars and the like just won’t cut it.” 

Zero hour: 3 p.m.
The majority of respondents (43.1 percent) said they are most likely to have a hangry attack at work, with midafternoon being the time it is most likely to strike (34.8 percent), putting 3 p.m. meeting attendees at risk of uncharacteristically snarky comments from otherwise tame coworkers.

Hangry Moments can also strike before lunch (24.7 percent), while traffic jams can trigger unexpected hangry attacks as well (20.3 percent). Be sure to stash meat snacks in the car or at your desk for protection and piece of mind.  

Lions, badgers and bears
When asked if their level of hangry represented an animal, more than a quarter (26.8 percent) chose “a black bear waking from hibernation,” with women embracing this fearsome creature more than men (30.5 percent compared to 23 percent). Hangry women chose stalking large cats second (20.7 percent), whereas hangry men were more likely to identify with a honey badger (17.5 percent).

Fear not, mythical beasts were not excluded —11.2 percent said being hangry made them feel like the Chupacabra.    

Who is hangriest of them all?
When asked who in their life is the most difficult to be around when they are hangry, nearly 35 percent said it was the person they see in the mirror — themselves. Other difficult hangry people to be around include screaming toddlers (23.7 percent), their “ball and chain” (12.2 percent), and “that loud-talker who sits a couple cubes over” (12.1 percent). Prevent yourself from being hangry by keeping a bag of Jack Link’s near you at all times.

Rumbling stomach sounds   
The sound of a growling badger was nearly a quarter (24.7 percent) of respondents’ top choice when asked to select a sound that best described their stomach rumble. There was a two-way tie for the second most popular rumble at 15 percent — an angry wolf and, ahem, an imminent “silent but deadly.”

Profession most at risk for being hangry
When respondents were asked which profession they think suffers most from being hangry, it was, not surprisingly, “the person at the cable company whenever I have an issue” (18.8 percent). Extreme caution is advised when calling a cable person for help at 3 p.m.

When it comes to fending off a Hangry Moment, look to the essential satisfying survival tool: Jack Link’s is conveniently packaged and requires no refrigeration, providing a quick and satisfying protein-packed snack for any hangry emergency. Jack Link’s is available in flavors ranging from savory to sweet to spicy and everything in between, and is made to stave off hunger for any snacker. For more information to better guard yourself against Hangry Moments, visit

Source: Jack Link’s