Premier Meat Company is proud to announce the new, an informative and full-service online purveyor of meats, poultry and seafood. As the leading provider of high-quality protein to restaurants and top chefs on the West Coast for over 50 years, family-owned Premier Meat Company has expanded its offerings to include a new online store featuring a selection of fresh, never-frozen products that are now available nationwide to the public for the first time ever.

Bringing restaurant-quality meats and seafood to the home chef, Premier products are sustainable, healthy and raised humanely on their way from farm to kitchen. Grass-fed veal osso buco, rib-eye steaks, venison, lamb lollipops, carpaccio, shabu shabu, bone marrow and buffalo short ribs as well as local halibut filets, loup de mer and sea bass are available. Premier Meat also offers an array of other products, tips, recipes and educational information.

Premier supports family farmers and purchases its products from farms where animals are raised for specific use, thus maintaining superior quality in freshness, nutrition and taste.

“My father has been running Premier for over 20 years with humble beginnings, and we have built the company on a foundation of providing great service, great products and personalized attention,” said Hadar Greenberg-Almog, Director of Marketing and Communications. “We are excited to expand our offerings to the consumer at a price point available to everyone. It is our goal to provide our customers with education on what they are eating, offer them an opportunity to make a conscious choice with their eating habits and deliver the highest quality product straight to their doorsteps.”

Customers can receive Premier Meat delivery five days a week with the “premier raw perfection” guarantee, which is a 24-48 hour window offering the same service that top chefs on the West Coast have grown to love and respect from Premier. All products are shipped directly from the farm to a state-of-the-art, 70,000-square-foot facility in Vernon, Calif., that has been USDA-inspected and boasts four individual aging rooms— the largest dry-aging facility in the United States. Premier enjoys trusted relationships with well-known farms including Creekstone Farms, Mary’s Chicken, Manchester Farms, Niman Ranch and Imperial Wagyu Beef.

Source: Premier Meat Co.